I am trying to capture Hi8 and DV to a Win10 1903 and it was working but now it is not.

I have 2 1394 internal firewire cars. One is a Ti card and the other NEC. I have used the current drivers with both of them in the past and also the Legacy driver however whilst they show in dev mgr, I cannot now see my Sony or Panasonic DV cams. So cannot capture.

It has been suggested I go back to Win 7 as the cards will work with them.

It sounds like a go however I am not sure how/if I can get 7 onto my box as I still need to keep 10 on it.
I do have a 7 CD from when I first bought it but not sure if it is still okay as I may have upgraded to 10 fro it but not sure.
When this box boots up I am given a choice of 10 or a 'Previous Windows' version.

When I choose 'Previous nothing boots up so maybe there is no previous version there now.

Any suggestions please ?