I'm using W10 Pro 64bit v1903 and after entering my password, the screen goes to a black blank screen for about 30 seconds after which, a white screen appears with a bit of standard text on it, mostly about 'ease of access' and that's it!!

This all happened early this morning (15/6/20) so, using my laptop, I put my question on the net. A thousand and one suggestions came up on screen and I looked at quite a lot of them but they all seemed to be more concerned with the black screen rather than the white.

The first suggestion told me to use CTRL+Alt+Del but the white screen didn't accept anything so I shut the PC down by pulling the plug out ... only the other way I know ... firing up again, password and a black screen. Then I hit CTRL+Alt+Del and the screen turned red showing a little menu, one of which said 'task manager' which led to checking the registry. Needless to say, it all sounded very positive but wasn't successful.

The regedit path was HKLM/software/microsoft/win nt/current version/winlogin left click /double click on shell and check that the entry in the small window says explorer.exe (it did) then OK and close rededit.

That's about as much detail I can give you. When I attempted to restart, it just kept repeating what I've told you above.

Finally, on a couple of attempts at startup, my desktop picture flashed up on screen for a second or so.

I would be most grateful for any help to get my desktop up and running again.