I have a new computer just 8 days old. I run Windows 10 ver. 1909 and have an office 365 subscription. 2 days ago Windows Update installed its updates and then Office 365 tried to update and it crashed. This has happened to me before a while back on another computer and the MS technician said MS was aware of this happening and working on a solution.

Apparently this Office crash did more than destroy Office 365 because when MS Office 365 support tried reinstalling it, 3 times, twice after completely uninstalling it, there was still a problem. Office’s support technician transferred me to Windows 10 support and he determined that the Office crash had corrupted my user account. He managed to transfer all my files, programs, and desktop shortcuts to a new account. Then deleted my original account and renamed the new account to what I originally had. Most all is working great.

Sorry for the lengthy explanation but I thought it may be important to know this. So here is my question.

My desktop shortcuts do take me to the WEB sites they are supposed to but I do have a problem. I am no longer able to change the icons to what I want them to be and what they were before this crash. I still have all the icons in a folder but when I try to change a shortcut’s icon, it looks like it is working and the last step, hitting the “OK” key causes it to revert back to the browser’s default icon. I can change these icons but not to what I want them to be.

Any ideas how I can fix this so I can once again use the icons I want?

- - - Updated - - -

I think I solved this. At least it is looking that way for now. I booted into the Safe Mode, made the changes to the icons I needed, and rebooted. Appeared I forgot to make the change on one shortcut but after rebooting I was able to once again make that change as well.