Hello Ten Forums!

The latest rubbing point with my recent Win10 transition that I'd love to hopefully get resolved.

Some apps, including Windows Explorer Folder view, do not remember their last window position, when closed and re-opened, though, some do!

What I mean is, for example the program Search Everything from voidtools I WANT it to open with the top left edge of the program flush with the top left of my screen. I move it there, yet, every time I close, then eventually re-open the program, it's lower and a bit off to the right.

Similarly, when I open a fresh "This PC" folder window, when none is already open, it's a little higher and to the left than where I want it to open, despite me moving it to it's preferred location when I do open it.

But, not every program has this issue, many, if not most others, open from the location they were last closed.

Any ideas what might be the issue, and, if so, how I can fix this minor but noteworthy annoyance?

As always, thanks for your time, and for helping the n00bs like myself!

Win 10 Home x64 1909 18363 449