Is Microsoft giving up the race ?!

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    Windows 10

    Is Microsoft giving up the race ?!

    2 Years ago I wrote an article about how with every Windows 10 feature update Microsoft tends to trim out essential features than rather add new ones that it kind of feels like they are on a downgrade mission to reach how it was back with Windows 95 (Source : Here)

    Now 2 years have passed and surprisingly my theory is NOT being proved wrong , of course I am not talking about Microsoft intention to render its OS more like Windows 95 but it continues to strip its OS from all cool competing features for no declared reason and surprisingly this is not dragging any response from the tech world .

    So previously on Windows 8 Microsoft declared its mission was to give you 2 OSes instead of one , the Metro touch OS that is able to run touch APPs and the good old Desktop mode everybody is accustomed to where that would be a transition for Windows to get all cool and touch friendly like all other devices circulating .

    Then after , they released Windows 8.1 which kind tamed down the Metro OS to make it not the default interface , but just an APP runner you call by Windows Key .

    Then after they released Windows 10 which they rendered the Metro interface just a cool Start Menu like that you had on Windows 7 and Vista and hardly nobody now calls it Metro or recall the Metro hype Microsoft made back in Windows 8 era .

    So a decade have passed in a long journey that lead them back where they started .

    Next bus stop was Cortana Assistant the successor to Microsoft Agent , with Microsoft claiming that it aims to have some global A.I. to wipe out its adversary Apple's Siri because of all it can learn from all over the globe with the vast spread of PCs , Supporting more languages and endless features .

    Later on it was announced that Cortana will no longer support more languages , and later even it was announced that Cortana's A.I. is no longer in development , and finally Cortana now will no longer become an assistant but rather a voice command interface to open up stuff which is actually less in features than the 2 decades old Microsoft Agent that was easily localized , supported all languages and had various funny looking avatars to pick from .
    Is Microsoft giving up the race ?!-merlin_do_magic.gif

    Then Microsoft announced the big one , it was stealthily working on a new OS , an OS all aimed at touch , will be released on fold-able devices which will give people the edge to use one side of the fold as a cool touch keyboard , the other side as the screen or flat it to have a cool Surface Pro like tablet which will boost 10 hours of operation and gaming on a hand held level .

    The device was released to low and behold be a Google Android device , yes you read that right , pure Google Android device , no traces of Windows what so ever , not even virtually , with even problems pairing with PCs .

    So basically I know this is a multi-billion dollars corporation , but funny enough they are not acting like one at all , how are they still in the loop is beyond me honestly with almost all their paid services being offered for free by not even remotely equal in value companies with business modules revolving around pennies collected from Google Ads .

    With the kind of money they are collecting one would expect to have an unmatched experience , with things getting done , not just promises getting ages to achieve then eventually going down the drain of deprecation leaving all us PC supporters in frustration .

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    1. Since when is it odd to see a company drop features that are unpopular?

    2. There's no motivation to enhance the desktop. It's done.

    3. Meanwhile the big money is in cloud computing. Microsoft is in competition with AWS. That has their attention.

    4. As long as the focus is off of Windows, I wish they'd get rid of the Windows kernel and replace it with Linux. Better, faster. And they might even cut their operating costs, too. (But keep the UI. I like that the way it is. Just change out the underlying kernel.)
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    Windows 11 Pro 22621.290

    margrave55 said:
    1. Since when is it odd to see a company drop features that are unpopular?

    2. There's no motivation to enhance the desktop. It's done.

    3. Meanwhile the big money is in cloud computing. Microsoft is in competition with AWS. That has their attention.

    4. As long as the focus is off of Windows, I wish they'd get rid of the Windows kernel and replace it with Linux. Better, faster. And they might even cut their operating costs, too. (But keep the UI. I like that the way it is. Just change out the underlying kernel.)
    A feature that is not popular by MS's choice does not mean some users like it. The Desktop is not done, far from it.. Replacing the Windows Kernel with a Linux kernel would be an oxy moron. Just used Linux there are hundreds of Ditros' out there. I agree with the OP and Microsoft has seemed to lose their way. When a Build in The Fast ring which is basically an Alpha Build is better that the current release, then Redmond we have a Problem!
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    Is Microsoft giving up the race ?!-.jpg
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    Hey Night Mayor,

    I avoided Windows entirely for many decades until Windows 10. Don't get me wrong, I used it here and there on friends PCs. As a Mac user I hated every second of it. No matter how new the PC I felt like I was time traveling to a world that had no idea what Mac OS was and how its advantages mattered.

    One of the simplest observations was that, in general, the average PC user 'used' their PC to accomplish tasks whereas the Mac users 'love my Mac'. In my opinion the hardware is the Trojan Horse. The only part of the hardware that really matters to a user is the display (which as much as I hate Apple now I'll grant their displays industry lead), the keyboard, and the trackpad.

    What really reaches a user is IMO the thing hidden in plain site inside the Trojan Horse: the operating system. The more elegant and intuitive the OS -- the more likeable it is.

    I considered all Windows OSes before Windows 8 a non-starter. I know everyone has their tastes but to me they were ugly and dated upon release. Apple used to joke "Redmond start your copy machines" but I felt it was worse than that. Years behind.

    8 caught my eye as interesting. Than I tried it in Best Buy. It was a bimbo. Beautiful on the outside, a moron on the inside. It made no sense and I wasn't going to try to learn it. To say fiasco disrespects what a world class disaster this was.

    So heads rolled at Redmond and Windows 10 happened. To me this is a clean slate OS, which is remarkable to say consider it's legacy support. But this Mac user knew MS finally considered what a Mac does right and asked themselves if they could do it too.

    (The May Update slipped in a feature Macs have had for ages. If you need to reinstall the OS, why not let the PC download a copy and do it for you? The old Windows would have rejected this idea as 'Apple' with a pathetic vague sense of victory. The new Windows gets it's a fantastic option do to simplicity.)

    So I see Windows 10 as pretty good considering it's a 'new' version. That Panos guy has taken over the OS and as much as he annoys me as Pierre Le Privilege I know he's an anal retentive @$$hole --

    -- which is why his introduction of the foldable phones and tablet hoo-hahs made me feel that Steve Jobs thrill that Tim Cook has not once pulled off.

    IN A NUTSHELL -- what you're witnessing is not giving up but regrouping. Apple's OS dominance days (in the sense of quality) are numbered.
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    Repeat: The desktop is done. Nothing much has changed since Windows 95.
    3D vs. flat? Meh.
    Colors and artistry changed? Meh.
    Features I don't need? Meh.
    Style changed. Function did not.
    It's done. But MS it struggling to make a case ... so they add "features". Useless junk.
    The biggest change? 10 is a number that't different than 8, which is different than 7, which is spelled differently than XP, etc etc.
    Adding chrome trim and tail fins would be a bigger change than anything they've done lately.

    Meanwhile we're still stuck with a crap kernel ... in the age of Linux. Why?
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    Windows / Linux : Arch Linux

    Hi there
    Most big corporations tend to lose their way a bit when the chief founder e.g Bill Gates essentially packs up -- there's often "internal squabbles and power issues" as to who takes over and how a new boss should leave his mark on a corporation--you can see that at the moment with some big oil companies - now that the initial reason for their existence is becoming daily less necessary they (or at least the better ones) are trying to re-position as Reneweable Energy companies --not an easy transition and glitches on the way.

    Same with Ms -- they originally thought PC's would be dead and wanted to make everything "touchless" and look like a mobile phone - hence the fiasco that was W8. Clearly PC use is not dead -- ever tried Stock trading with multiple large screens or designing complex 3-D engineering stuff on a tablet or mobile phone !!!

    Even simple things like document editing is far simply done via cut and paste with keyboard and mouse rather than fiddly touch screens --in any case who these days after Covid-19 would want to use a shared touch screen again -- I dread next time I'm in Europe and want to buy a railway ticket --and have to use those touch machines for purchasing tickets for my journey. !!!.

    Windows itself is not the major income earning part of Ms any more - it's not inconsiderable though !!. Ms has huge cloud (azure) clients, does a lot on robotics and A.I , has a large "Services" division and of cource the Office suite -- IMO while there are clones out there none of them are really better than Ms --especially if you also need a decent fairly flexible multi account email client as well -- all integrated into a single package.

    I rather like the idea of essentially having a very simple OS without a load of bloat and with the opportunity to add such applications as I need which is where some linux distros score heavily.

    As far as Linux is concerned there might be many different distreos but there are really only about half a dozen or so which really matter - those from the IBM/Redhat stable (RHEL, CENTOS, FEDORA). Open SUSE, Arch Linux, Linux Mint and UBUNTU with its derivatives from Canonical e,g KUBUNTU.

    There are of course others but the list I've given are those which have stood the test of time, regularly maintained and won't be going away any time soon.

    In the case of Windows IMO this is what it should have as a base -- Correct hardware drivers,Networking, security, and Internet browsing .

    That's all I basically need from an OS -- everything else I should be able to add or ("pic 'n mix") as needed -- Ms could offer some optional "canned" versions based on what it gathers via its metrics on what are the most used apps.

    E,g who really needs the Ms media player any more when things like VLC and plenty of others are free and far better than the Ms one.

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    Windows 10
    Thread Starter

    So I gather everybody is convinced by same idea , Windows is not being well developed or under Microsoft's main spot light any more and we are stuck with a 2 decade old thing they keep just coloring and give it back to us with more marketing rants about features to come that get scrapped after we cool in wait .

    As for weather Microsoft is doing better on other grounds example cloud computing , this is all questionable , but here are few hints though , while Microsoft is still in partnership with Intel to provide them with all the hardware for cloud computing , Amazon managed to surprisingly develop its own breed of hardware based on the ARM architecture claiming they developed a new class of CPUs that are much faster , optimum and heat less and at fraction of the price of Intel's Xeons which lowered down their packaging prices compared to that of Microsoft and now more corporates are shifting to them as service provider of choice like Netflix , Linkedin , Facebook , Warner Brothers and BBC , looking at these who needs more .

    So I am not really sure where Microsoft focus is but at least I know its not on Windows any more .
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    Windows 10 Pro

    First of all, your entire theory is based on misinformation, rumors, and assumptions that just never proved correct.

    1) Microsoft never "announced" any intention of having 2 OS's back in the day. They anounced a new OS (WinRT) which would replace Win32, and create a single OS for all apps, phone, xbox, tablets, etc.. but the win32 replacement proved harder to accomplish than they anticipated, and when they gave up on Windows phone, they basically abandoned the idea of a single OS.

    2) Eventaully they have accepted that there will be multiple OS's and just recently announced a project called Project Reunion, which is focused on unifying the different OS's, without replacing them (essentially providing a common set of API's that work across everything).

    3) There was an intention of there being 2 OS's during the migration from Win32 to WinRT, and gradually Win32 would disappear from the OS, which necessarily meant the first version (Windows 8) had very clunky integration with only minimal functionality, which was why you only had full screen WInRT apps, and very little crossover. The intention was always to gradually add more functionality to the WinRT side, which is exactly what happened, and what you misinterpreted to mean MS was backing off... Windows 8 was never the "ideal", it was a bare minimum.

    4) Cortana was intended to compete with Siri, as you mention.. but since that's almost entirely a phone feature, and Microsoft has given up on phones, it's not surprising. Desktop users generally don't use AI.

    5) And no, Microsoft is NOT (at least as far as I understand it) working on a new OS for foldables, much like Apple really isn't creating a new OS for iPad's (even though it's called iPadOS). It is, however, a variant of Windows 10, much like Windows Home/Pro/Education/Server/Datacenter/HPC/XBox,10S etc.. are variants of the same OS. It's just got some new features and new api's.

    6) The Surface Duo will be android based, but that is not Windows 10X. 10X will ship on large devices later next year. So they're entirely different platforms.

    Some of these misunderstandings are easy to understand why were confused, but others seem like deliberate twisting of things.


    Your comment that nothing new has been added to Windows... first of all, that ignores huge functionality on the server, but let's ignore that at the moment and focus on the desktop. The addition things like containerization, and WSL are huge, the WSLv2 that ships in the may update bases WSL on an actual linux kernel that ships with the OS. Microsoft is also working to support linux GUI apps.

    Then there's been a massive refinement of functionality from the Virtual Desktops (when first introduced, they were not very usable, but today is pretty good) to Windows Sandbox, to Game Mode, to Chromium based edge, not even counting the multitude of smaller tweaks, like dark mode.

    And, despite cortana being reduced, it's still managed to evolve quite a bit, even in the most current release. They've upgraded it to be more "chat bot" like, allowing typed queries not just vocalized ones.

    But, regardless... Windows 10 has grown significantly, despite also losing a few mostly unpopular features along the way. Yes, there may have been some people using some of them, but that doesn't mean MS has to support something only a handful of people use.
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    jimbo45 said:
    Same with Ms -- they originally thought PC's would be dead and wanted to make everything "touchless" and look like a mobile phone - hence the fiasco that was W8. Clearly PC use is not dead -- ever tried Stock trading with multiple large screens or designing complex 3-D engineering stuff on a tablet or mobile phone !!!
    PC's were never going to go away, but they are sharply dropping in sales. In the last 10 years, PC sales have dropped by nearly half. Reachijng a peak of nearly 100m/year in 2010 to barely breaking 50m in 2020 (pre-epidemic). At least some of that trend can be chalked up to PC's being good enough for most people and lasting a lot longer, but also being replaced by tablets and phones. I don't really know a lot of non-university student 20 somethings that own PC's, and even most of them still use tablets for most of their work.

    Sure, many tasks still work better on PC's, but that's changing too. Large-screen touch surfaces are starting to take over fields like content creation, 3d modeling, and others. There are some very capable programs for the Surface and iPad Pro. Stock trading can now be run on tablets and projected to wireless screens like large screen tv's, so they can run on almost anything.

    Regardless, PC's won't go away. But they will continue to drop in importance, and sales. I mean check out this chart:

    Desktop vs Mobile vs Tablet Market Share United States Of America | StatCounter Global Stats
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