Mystere said:
PC's were never going to go away, but they are sharply dropping in sales. In the last 10 years, PC sales have dropped by nearly half. Reachijng a peak of nearly 100m/year in 2010 to barely breaking 50m in 2020 (pre-epidemic). At least some of that trend can be chalked up to PC's being good enough for most people and lasting a lot longer, but also being replaced by tablets and phones. I don't really know a lot of non-university student 20 somethings that own PC's, and even most of them still use tablets for most of their work.

Sure, many tasks still work better on PC's, but that's changing too. Large-screen touch surfaces are starting to take over fields like content creation, 3d modeling, and others. There are some very capable programs for the Surface and iPad Pro. Stock trading can now be run on tablets and projected to wireless screens like large screen tv's, so they can run on almost anything.

Regardless, PC's won't go away. But they will continue to drop in importance, and sales. I mean check out this chart:

Desktop vs Mobile vs Tablet Market Share United States Of America | StatCounter Global Stats
Lol at the attempt of trying to prove me wrong by listing a different stream of cumulative failures and unfulfilled promises by Microsoft , please tell me this was a cynical post because i'll hate it if someone's logic works that way :)

Else is too long to have to revise with you that unified OS is a promise and a fail , deprecating phone OS is a fail , changing Cortana to a retarded version of 2k old Microsoft Agent is a fail because mark that you say there is no need for it after phone OS failed .. then why do we have it on PC ? Oh and google "Windows 8 Metro" please , see all the marketing articles from that time , anyways I'll just consider this post cynical and a good one , have a good day :)