File Explorer shuffling renaming of files-2020-06-12-12_08_36-greenshot.png

I have a whole slew of pics in my D drive, nested in their proper folders. I add new pics pretty much on a daily basis. Ever since a few months ago, maybe after the 1909 major upgrade, when I rename some pics because of naming conflicts with older pics, sometimes (for example) when I change 1A to 1A1, Explorer will (all by itself at the same time) duplicate my new name onto the older pics' name and add a (1) or (2) to the name. This doesn't happen every time, but it seems to happen when I'm adding more than 10 pics to an existing group of pics.
I've run the sfc/ scannow and DISM thingies several times since a few months ago and even recently and they've found no problems. I've MR7'd a months' time backwards and still the problem exists.

I'm betting it's something to do with 1909, even though it has a good reputation.