File Explorer Displaying Different View Mode for the Same Folder

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    Windows 10 x64 (1909)

    File Explorer Displaying Different View Mode for the Same Folder


    I have been moving the Users directory from the C drive (SystemDrive) to another drive for several years now ever since Windows 7. I initially discovered a Windows 7 tutorial that involved changing a Registry entry to move the `ProfilesDirectory` on an existing Windows installation by setting the default profile directory to a different location affecting all new users. It has worked flawlessly for me in all Windows versions from Windows 7 and up, and despite Microsoft saying that major upgrades weren't possible this was never a problem for me as I did clean installs any time I wanted to upgrade to a new build whilst keeping a backup in-between in the event it did go wrong.

    Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList\ProfilesDirectory
    %SystemDrive%\Users to D:Users

    The problem I have found in the last few versions of Windows 10 (typically version 1909 and 2004) is that any custom folders located in your user profile directory that are pinned in Quick access in File Explorer have a different view mode compared to navigating through it's full path e.g. This PC > D:\Users\Name\custom_folder

    Yesterday I followed Kari's tutorial here > Move Users Folder Location in Windows 10 applying the `Unattend.xml` file for Sysprep on a Windows 10 x64, version 2004 to move the profiles directory during a clean install to see if it would behave any differently compared the Registry Editor method on an existing Windows installation I have done prior. There is no difference.

    The video below shows the different views inside File Explorer for the exact same folder, just accessed different ways.

    The first part of the video I open File Explorer, go to the Quick access link and demonstrate that the view mode shows as Details. Secondly I close the File Explorer window, right click on the icon from the Taskbar and click the same Quick access link, this time showing me the Extra large icons view mode. Lastly I have noticed that right clicking File Explorer from the Taskbar and clicking one of the Quick access links is not the same as left clicking the same Quick access link in an already open File Explorer window. This is why in the last part of the video you can see me breadcrumb navigating between to the places, with File Explorer showing the blue, highlighted box around the current directory in the Navigation pane.

    Anyone else had similar issues or noticed this behaviour?

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    That's the nature of the Shell Namespace and the way viewws are stored. Look at the Address Bar in Explorer. When you access the folder via Quick Access, the path is shell:UsersFilesFolder\New Folder (copy & paste into Run dialog or Explorer Address bar for verification.). The other path is effectively shell:UserProfiles\Keith\New Folder. So, as is common in WIndows, you have multiple namespace paths to the same locationi.
    File Explorer Displaying Different View Mode for the Same Folder-namespace-paths.png

    Amd becasie the index to saved views is a tree that mirrors the Namespace hierarchy (BagMRU), each namespace location gets its own view.
    File Explorer Displaying Different View Mode for the Same Folder-screenshot-771-.png
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    That makes sense, but I don't understand why there is a difference between right clicking on the File Explorer icon from the taskbar and left clicking a Quick access link in an already open File Explorer window. They are the same Quick access links. I would understand having different views if I manually navigated the full path from This PC in comparison to the Quick access links but I'm not doing that.
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    Hmm... I see what you mean. Very hard to follow a loop with no narration -- especially if you're visually impaired and the whole thing won't fit in a zomed window. But I see the behavior you're describing & I would guess that the code that "optimizes" the path for Quick Access links is somehow bypassed by Jump LIst items.
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