Computer awakes by itself

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    Computer awakes by itself

    A few days ago I downloaded win 10 and everything is going pretty well except.. every night at 12:15 exactly the computer will awake from sleep by itself. I never had this issue with win 7 which I just upgraded from. Any suggestions are much appreciated.
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    Windows 10

    Wake Timers may be enabled - Check Power Options -> Change advanced power settings -> Sleep -> Allow Wake Timers

    Also check your Network Adapter to make sure its not allowed to wake the PC. This was reset for me when I upgraded to Windows 10. Device Manager -> Network Adapter -> <Your Device> -> Properties -> Power Management and make sure "Allow this device to wake the Computer" is disabled.
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    Thanks for the info. Don't you mean disable wake timers? I did manage to do that. I checked my devices and everything looks good there. Nothing is set to allow the computer to wake.
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    I was awake at 3:30 and it suddenly woke again and the monitor showed a lot of colored bars. Maybe the monitor was doing some sort of check? I've never seen anything like this...
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    Windows 10 Pro

    Windows 10 (and 8.1), has some tasks to perform during the night. My PC also wakes up, now and then, but it is just to perform some task or maintenance, and then it goes back to sleep or into hibernation. That's normal procedure for Windows 10 PCs.

    If you don't want your PC to wake up in the middle of the night, you need to do a shutdown before going to bed yourself.

    BTW, I don't know why people suggest to disable "Allow this device to wake the computer". If you don't need it, okay, you can disable it. However, when you have a SmartTV and have a DLNA server installed on the PC, you need this function. When the PC is asleep, the SmartTV sends a signal to the PC to wake up, so I can use it.

    I even have a program installed on my laptop, so I can awaken my PC when I need some file from it. Not everything can be stored in the cloud for easy access.

    Although, the thing I suggest to most people is, check if "Only allow a magic packet to wake the computer" is enabled. This way, it won't wake up when it receives something else than a wake up call.

    The most important thing about sleep/hibernation not working, is when your PC goes to sleep and a few minutes later it comes out of it again. If it does this all the time, then, and only then, there is something wrong with it. (Or not going to sleep at all, of course.)

    Teamviewer, the previous version, woke my PC every 30 minutes last week. This was something I fixed by disabling it until the new version came out this week, which fixed the problem.

    If you really want to know which program woke your PC, you can use following commands at the command prompt:

    powercfg -requests (This will show you the last event that kept your PC awake, or even which scheduled event woke it.)
    powercfg -lastwake (This will show you the last event that woke you PC.)

    Depending on what you find there, you can deduct if it was something which should have been allowed to wake your PC, or not.

    BTW, if you only installed Windows 10 recently, than it is normal that you PC wakes up more than normally. It has to perform a lot of tasks at the beginning. The first 3 or 4 days after installing it, my PC was also awake, a lot, during the night. Now, it's back following its normal sleep pattern.
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    Windows 10 Home

    I wouldn't particularly mind the PC waking up to do stuff if it would sleep again, but ever since 8.1 mine doesn't sleep automatically. I've tried lots of things to work out why but it simply doesn't do it. It sleeps fine if I do it manually, and normally stays asleep until I wiggle the mouse.

    The last two big updates via Windows Update ended with the prompt to choose a time for a restart, or to 'restart now'. Both times I've chosen 'restart now' and the update has been completed. Both times the PC has then woken up at the time offered in that dialog even though there is no update to complete, and has been whirring away when I've come down in the morning. Event Viewer shows that it woke but then sat there idle.

    That looks like a bug in the Windows Update processing to me.

    The requested wakeup in this case was from NT TASK\Microsoft\Windows\UpdateOrchestrator\Reboot so I've changed that in Task Scheduler to disallow it waking the machine - I'd prefer to do the reboots manually anyway.
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    Windows 10 Pro

    Checked the events of last night.

    01:03:10 System is entering sleep.
    03:03:27 Wake Source S4 Doze to Hibernate
    04:00:00 Wake Source: Unknown, but possibly due to timer => This is Macrium Reflect waking up my PC for its nightly backup
    04:03:39 Sleep Reason: Application API => Macrium Reflect putting it back into hibernation
    08:00:00 Wake Source: Unknown, but possibly due to timer => Sync program waking up my PC to get work files from the server

    All these things can be found in your Event Viewer under Windows Logs -> System
    Find the Power-Troubleshooter to see all events about you PC's sleep cycle. This could help you pinpoint what is going on with your system.

    Of course the UpdateOrchestrator\Reboot shouldn't be there if you manually rebooted the system during Windows Update. At least, it didn't show up in my cycle.

    With Windows 8.1, my PC had a lot of sleep problems after the upgrade, and it only went away after I had done a clean install. (This was an update from Windows 7. This time, nothing like that happened, except for the bug in TeamViewer.)
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