I've got windows 10 version 1909.
Whenever i use detect display from the windows 10 display settings, or from the intel command center, it never detects other displays (i've connected several TVs and monitors via HDMI).
I used to be able to use the NVIDIA control panel when i had the GTX 1070 working to find other displays, but when that broke, my display defaulted to the intel HD Graphics 630 card and even with my RTX 2080 plugged in via my external GPU runner, NVIDIA control panel will no longer open because my display wont use the RTX. So i've got to find a way to connect an external monitor so i can open up NVIDIA control panel to mess with some settings, but windows 10 wont detect any monitor i plug into it.
Every time i plug in an HDMI, i make sure its secure, i try several HDMIs in case its a problem with the cord. I'm at my wits end. please somebody help.