File explorer not refreshing after deleting files in search

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    Windows 10 Home

    File explorer not refreshing after deleting files in search

    Using Windows 10 Home.
    This problem only happens if I'm performing a search.
    If I search within a folder for say *.* and then delete a file, the list of files does not refresh.
    The file remains listed even though it's been deleted.
    If I manually refresh then the file disappears from the list. Same thing happens if I undo the delete.
    I need to hit F5 to make the file reappear in the search list.

    Anyone else having this problem or know a fix? Thanks.


    Seems to be a Windows 10 prob. I went back to 8.1 and everything was fine.
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    Win 10 Pro (21H2) (2nd PC is 21H2)

    I've noticed this too... only in search results. Whilst simply opening a folder and deleting sthg is fine.
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    Windows 7/10

    Sorry for bumping a dead thread, but this is exactly the issue i've had with Windows 10 since launch day. Cross-posting from a thread I made 6 months ago on Reddit:

    Virtually the only flaw in Windows 10 that's keeping me from upgrading the rest of my computers from 7 is an odd bug: Search results in Windows Explorer don't update after moving a file or files from those results. A ghost of the file will just hang out there for 5-10 seconds before finally updating, and while pressing F5 will expedite the process, it's jarring compared to the instant result when the same operation is done in 7. The results themselves populate instantly, and rebuilding the index does not resolve the issue, nor does the file's location matter (C:\Test as opposed to %USERPROFILE%\Desktop\Test).

    This has occurred on every Windows 10 instance i've set up since the initial release, I first noticed it on a preview build, but I wouldn't be able to find out what build it was. I'm running the latest build of Windows 10 primarily on my laptop, where I don't do a lot of file operations, but my desktop is where I do most of my work, so until I can find a solution to this puzzle, it's still running 7. I have Windows 10 set up on a separate partition (all on SSDs), and the behavior is exactly how my laptop encounters it. I'm 100% positive that performance is not a factor, as the only time this issue occurs is when files returned in search results are moved, the rest of the UX is smooth and works just as it should.

    I've recorded three videos to demonstrate this issue, my laptop with Win10, and my desktop on 7, both performing the same operation on the file. Here's the bug on a freshly partitioned and indexed Windows 10 install on my desktop. Once again, this has occurred on every device i've tested, without exception.

    I've done extensive googling and can't find any mention of this behavior specifically in Win10, even after using advanced Google syntax due to the word "search" bringing up unrelated results. I had hoped that it would be silently ironed out in an update, but 6 months a year down the road, I still have one less reason to deploy Win10 on the rest of my computers.

    Has anyone else encountered this behavior, similar to the videos I linked, it would be somewhat comforting to know i'm not the only one seeing this issue.
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    Win 10 Pro (21H2) (2nd PC is 21H2)

    Hi you can simply hit F5 after deleting the file to refresh the explorer search results list.

    Bu that, of course, is simply a workaround, not a solution.
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    Windows 7/10

    Yeah, F5 is just a band-aid for now.

    Speak of the devil though, today's anniversary update did make it more responsive, it updates within 3 seconds now. Here's a video of a clean install of the anniversary update, it's a start
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