Woke up my PC from sleep mode today and found out there was an update applied played most of the day today and when I got one of my notorious video feed loss computer freeze I restarted Mt machine and now I have a boot configuration data failure error code 0xc0000001.

Now I updated from win 8.1 for free and had issues before like I said the lock up resulting in lose of video feed and all forms of function so I had to do a full system wipe because win10 tools would refuse to work to refresh or fix anything and still do.

I try navigating into the adv options from my win8 installation disk and I can't refresh or reset my machine. Refresh says the folder is locked. and the reset says I'm missing a drive partition.

To be honest win10 is a nice step in the right direction but these issues man me love win8 more and frankly I'm tired of them.

I'm about ready to buy a new hard drive and the win10 is to see if that will fix any of my problems because at this point I'm not wanting to do a full wipe and reinstall of 8 to 8.1 the to win10 because at that point I'm just ganna stick with 8.1 because I have zero issues.

Any help would be nice to fix this issue /s. Thank you