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    Windows 10 Home X64

    Icons keep rearranging-Only in certain program

    I have the similar problem BUT only with a certain program(s). I have Hoyle Card Games and Hoyle Puzzle and Board Games installed; they play OK but when I exit either program my desktop icons have rearranged to the left side. I installed DeskTopOK but it is a pain to have to use it all the time. Any solutions to this aggravating problem? I have Windows 10 64 bit with the latest update(Threshold 2/November Update). Thank you
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    windows 10

    I could tell you more, but it is related to scaling each font scale has a different icon layout. There is one for 100%, 125%, and 150%. The system gets confused. Latest I noticed, every time I turned off the screen and turned it on again the fonts would all be realigned. Also (unlike earlier experience) the auto arrange flag would be re-turned on. My solution (which you won't like) was to replace everything on the desktop with a shortcut. You can create normal shortcuts (including recycle) for everything, these are sortable. Add a sequence number and leave auto arrange on. Windows can't **** this up, and if it does, just resort. A pain in the arse, but my desktop is useable now.
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    windows 10

    When I first installed W10 no problem. Then i corrupted W10 and had to re-install. Since then it keeps shuffling my icons in a way I don't want. Can anyone please help fix this.
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    Win 8.1

    I have discovered that every time I turn off my monitor the screen changes sizes to 800x600 then when I turn it back on it goes back to my actual setting of 4096x2160.

    When it does this it rearranges everything to the left. All the icons, all the open windows and all the open programs.
    I suspect this does this because of HDMI and reporting back from the monitor.

    I don't know who's fault it is but it falls into the category of Microsoft and all this automatic BullSHT of trying to interpret what you want.
    Well I want it to stop and that's why I disable a good majority of running junk on my setup.
    Microsoft goes out of their way to stop choice which leads me to choose a different operating system.

    If I CHOOSE 1080P or 4K Ultra then save my screen positions of everything I have and leave it alone.
    They did this crap with the folder sizes and position and now they are doing it with the desktop.

    What would be the purpose of resizing my screen when I turn the monitor off.
    Using a VGA connector never had this issue but now that in the 21st century I am forced into HDMI or I don't get a 4K screen they play stupid.

    You would think by the time Threshold 2 came out that this would have been fixed but nope, politics as usual so they fix moronic and unnecessary garbage like having one more column to the start menu for paying apps.
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    windows 10

    4k hdmi monitor and icon repositioning


    I didn't say it earlier, but I have a 4k monitor with an HDMI connection also. I didn't realise the definition swapped while the monitor was off. But every single time the monitor goes off the icons are rearranged. To me this makes this problem a far more wide spread problem than the number of complaints indicate. I suspect people are just giving up, and saying bad luck!

    This also indicates that Microsoft have done very little testing of standard domestic environments, or just don't care.
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    Win 8.1

    I tested this by running Bandicam while I turned the monitor off.
    If anything 100% of the screen should not have changed. The only thing that should have happened was the monitor went off.
    I even disabled all the reporting mechanisms that rescale bla bla bla as far as nvidia's settings and nothing.
    Microsoft has all this autoscale and resolution changing for best possible performance instead of leaving the system the hell alone and to what the end user wants.

    I'm going to do research and see if there is a way to disable the automatic screen change because I think that's where this lies.
    I have another system with two monitors and to this day Microsoft still has one setting for both monitors.
    One setting for blanking screen, one setting for screen savers, one setting for power saver.
    I have to look to 3rd parties just to do what I want in a multimonitor environment so maybe there is an app somewhere for what I am looking for. I'll keep everyone posted because MS isn't fixing this anytime soon.
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    Win 8.1

    Here I am looking at the same damn problem going back to Windows 7 and some are saying that it was in XP.

    Here is a link to one of the articles.
    Disable detection, how?

    What you get is a run around by some Indian at Microsoft screaming just live with it.

    So here we are from XP to 10 which is Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 10TH2 and several service packs across the OS's and this behavior is not being fixed or is about to be fixed. Same as removing the feature for your folders size and shape to remain...That's not coming back despite user complaints.
    Microsoft cares less about user desires and more about their engineers out of India.
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    Win 8.1

    Here's the skinny...
    After valued research that goes back to 2009.
    Microsoft has no intention to fix this because they've known about it since then.
    Monitors through the HDMI "PORT" are treated as devices as in Display Device.
    When it's turned off there is no more device which forces Windows to revert back to default state which is 800x600 and that means your icons and open windows/programs will jump to the left unless the window itself has an assigned save position value which it will go back to after the resize occurs.

    There is a device some ass sells which is nothing more than an HDMI Angle adapter that he bought for a couple bucks, opens it up and changes one wire then sells it for $20.

    It disables the autodetect which for some reason neither NVidia or Microsoft will have a manual disable in their software.
    ATI cards has a registry value that you can change that will work.

    It's shameful that MS knows about this and refuses to adjust for fire which is annoying end users.
    People complained about the lack of multimonitor support as well as No Aero Glass and the Folders sizes and positions.
    Hell even a simple one step button to change sound output without opening playback devices and defaults.

    Windows is a complete mess and I haven't a clue why people migrate elsewhere "Sarcasm"
    We now see why the emphasis on Windows 10 looking and acting like Linux and Apple because it's suddenly found to be irrelevant when you can run 99% of Windows programs on Linux and Apple through emulators and get a better user experience.

    Believe me I hate UAC in Linux but you can theme linux to look like Mr. Hanky's bathroom if you want and no one cares because that's what you want but Windows is just annoying at times.
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    Windows 10 Pro 64bit v1803 build 17133.73

    Make sure you have the correct monitor, pc and graphics drivers installed for win10. MS generics are not good enough in my opinion. I have had no icon issues since using the OEM supplied drivers.
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    I have this with 10 but on the same setup not with 7, 8 or 8.1

    I was using HDMI and have changed the link. No diffrence still all over the place!
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