Desktop icons keep rearranging

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    windows 10

    same thing here... confused!!
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    Windows 10

    My DirectX has always been the latest version since June 2010.
    Using the Web Installer, it will not detect any updates for DirectX.
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    Windows 10 Pro x64

    Try a small program 'Desktop OK' -

    DesktopOK 4.16 Save and restore the desktop icon positions.

    It will put an icon on your desktop - i believe an .ini file - right click on it, properties, click on 'hidden' at bottom and icon will be unseen.

    Always worked for me - even with Win 10.

    Bon chance!
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    windows 10

    Thanx y'all!! I'll try later on tonight
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    windows 10

    Used both methods and it's working!! Thanx!!
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    Windows 10

    DesktopOK only fixes the icon arrangements in the desktop, but the main problem is with the Folder View Settings which is not covered by using this program as a workaround.

    For example, you set this Folder A to Tiles view, after you navigate away from it, then come back to it afterwards, it will be set back to the default view which is usually Details view.

    Windows 10: Folder View Settings and Desktop Icon Positions Not Saving - Page 13 - Windows 10 Forums
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    Windows 10 Pro

    Richard Shank said:
    I had this issue but for me it was because I used a cheap HDMI cable.
    My Vizio 4k wasn't syncing with my GTX 660 and it made the screen jump around and every time it did the Icons would left justify on the screen.
    As soon as I replaced the cable with something rated for 10gb+, 7.1 ect.. everything is 100% stable.
    Now I use my system at 100% 4k@60hz and there is no lag, no nothing. Just like using it at 1080p or below.
    All games, all emulators and all software work perfectly as I never upgraded.

    If anything, a lot is fixed that broke when I went from 8 to 8.1

    This might not be your problem but it worked for me.

    Running 100% @ 4K with an hdmi isn't possible with 60hz, you need Displayport 1.1-1.2 to do that at 60hz/60fps or you will only stay at 30fps in those games that can actually run in 4K.

    I had an gtx 690 before i switched to an gtx 980 and not even with 690 which has built-in sli couldn't play most games in 4K.
    So next time when you're gonna brag about 4K then try to check the facts, i have 4K tv and monitor and i've tried all settings possible and 4K simply doesn't run 60fps/60hz with an hdmi.

    And the cable isn't the reason either for the icons to move around on the desktop since i also have this but on my laptop and not on my stationary computer.
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    Windows 10 Home 64 bits

    I have the same problem.

    It happened when I disabled the Intel Management Engine Interface in device manager to solve this problem. Have no idea if it's cause effect or if it's a - really big - coincidence.

    I tried this and the problem remains.

    I'm seriously considering going back to Windows 8.
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    Win 10 Pro (1903) (2nd PC is 21H2)

    MalRL , this pair of symptoms (folder view not retained, desktop icons rearranged) has been reported by many many people thru several generations of Windows. It's not unique to Win 10, and so far it seems no one has identified reliably
    a. what is affected (within Windows) b. why that occurs c. a solution that applies to everyone.

    There are various fixes around, but these only seem to help certain people.

    It would seem it has to be sthg in the registry, my current guess it may be a registry permissions issue. People have tried playing with the relevant registry key content (see AskVG on this for example).

    I've looked a a key which is common to both (i.e. changed by both desktop auto-arrange and changing folder view settings) but although that's the only such key I can find, changing content or permissions for that key does not reproduce the symptom, which surprised me. There are some other keys (see Brink's related tutorials e.g.) and one more specifically related to explorer folder view settings, but not apparently desktop auto-arrangement.

    Since repair features like sfc /scannow etc have no effect, it would seem it's not some Windows file corruption.
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    Windows 10 64

    I know when you install graphics drivers they do some work to remember your desktop icon positions. Maybe rolling back or installing a newer updated graphics driver could be a fix? Even a re-install of a graphics driver can fix corrupted files. Check at your machine hardware sites for newer drivers for all the devices on your machine for W10 drivers and try installing them if you haven't.

    I've just gone through weeks of similar stuff from W10-64 and all of my problems stemmed from a soundcard that only had 8.1 drivers available. I bought a new digital card and the drivers from Creative slotted right in and every problem I had that looked like System/OS vanished.
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