Desktop icons keep rearranging

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    Yeah, it's a shame it's not possible to have a Static display of the desktop and its contents like a picture on the wall instead of the desktop being Dynamic and constantly being redrawn. We could go back to the Interlaces monitors where leaving an icon in the same location constantly would burn that image into the phosphorous coating on the inside of the glass then it wouldn't move.
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    m3lis said:
    I have tried IconRestorer and it didn't work unfortunately. However, such programs are workarounds and do not really fix the issue.
    I sympathize with your wish to fix Windows 10. You are not alone. But meanwhile, try a workaround utility. I use Desktop Restore Desktop Restore - Software Informer. and am happy with it. Others are out there.
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    Is there a forum, or some such venue that is SPECIFICALLY run by M'soft "proper" that we can vent our frustrations?
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    gplea I agree with you. Microsoft should fix this problem. They have adopted a multi-display arrangement which doesn't work. If they stuck to a simpler model, then there it would be an easier thing to deal with. But it's a bit like the Nazis taking Poland, they say why not take France. Poland was easy, taking the rest of Europe was a bit harder.
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    And gplea if you want to discredit someone discredit Berton. He is a VIP member and a pro user. Who must have spent a lot of time under the desk.
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    I dig the historical analogies. I'm a huge WWII, and American history enthusiast. Sorry for the dust up earlier. Hope you understand my frustrations. What sticks in my craw even more is the fact that Win10 is on my ASUS laptop, and it's 1 of those MOBO's that I can't wipe the HDD clean and go back to Win7...unless there's some miracle cure that the geeks here are aware of.
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    gplea their is a miracle cure. It's called Linux Mint but it's not very good at sharing files, which is a problem for me. Most of the software is free. But they do have licensing dispute with MP3 and JAVA which is not a problem unless you write your own programs. Also they have a problem with the difference between artist and album artist. But apart from that, they are pretty good. The problem is that corporate oligopolies do their best to destroy creative programming, and therefore user alternatives.
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    Hmm? Thanks. There was a musician's based distro some years back (can't remember the name) but it's big appeal to me was that you could just throw in the CD (yes, that old) and either let it install, or run without the install for non-geeks like me. I never got around to it because their h'ware drivers were quite limited. I never understood why the pro-audio mfrs didn't jump all over it because so many of their customer base was poor as church mice like me, and if they could avoid spending $2,000 on s'ware then they could buy even more musical h'ware. BUT THEY DIDN'T ASK ME! Anyhoo. Is this Mint distro kind of like that? My DAW is on Win7, and I'm not even going to dream of how long, and what would be involved in changing that over. Plus I've got EASILY $5k in hardware that I know there's know Linux drivers for, plus a ton of Win7-based DAW s'ware I can't replace. SOO, I'll look into that. Thanks.
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    gplea if I was in your position I would either create an extra partition and move my special files their or better copy my stuff onto an external drive. Then I would fool around to see if I could get things right. But I warn you there may be a lot of googling to get things right. If can't get everything right just reinstall windows 10. Which means you should get an install copy of windows 10 on DVD before you begin. If you reinstall and it asks for a key press skip because Microsoft has already identified your computer. You could also get a friend to help you.
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    I LIKE the friend option. Could I cook dinner for you? Just kidding...MATE! Couldn't resist.
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