Desktop icons keep rearranging

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  1.    29 Jan 2017 #171

    Like i said I'm new to this whole problem. All i know is it worked. My icons stay put.
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  2.    30 Jan 2017 #172

    Questions; Is This a Permanent fix?:
    Desktop Icons Align to Grid - Turn On or Off in Windows 10
    or a Makeshift to cover the Problem, no offense meant.

    And 2; Does this Problem lead to anything more dangerous to the System itself, because i have no doubt that Microsoft is working on a permanent fix, and i'm willing to wait it out until they do. I'd only like to know if there are any risks in doing so. Programmers Please advise.

    Note: This problem started happening with me about 4-5 days ago. And i believe started with a 1-2 second black screen while i was browsing.
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    Windows 10 back to 7
       07 Feb 2017 #173

    I think I have figured this out, at least for my Windows 10 PC: My monitor (really a 1080p TV) takes some 5-10 seconds to boot,* during which time the PC is not detecting monitor information about resolution, and therefore assumes you are hooked up to a legacy, non-Plug-N-Play monitor with limited resolution capability. Windows responds by reducing the resolution and fitting the desktop icons into that smaller frame. I have now gone several weeks without this problem recurring, by being certain that the monitor/TV is fully booted and in computer mode before turning on my PC, or waking it from sleep mode.

    If anyone knows how this default resolution can be adjusted, please let me know.

    * All modern TV's and monitors are in reality special purpose computers, which talk to your PC to identify themselves and required driver settings.
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  4.    11 Feb 2017 #174

    I don't have a TV/monitor in this setup. It's actually an old 15" IBM, with 4:3 aspect ratio connected to my laptop which IS 16:9.
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    Windows 10 back to 7
       13 Feb 2017 #175

    gplea: I don't have a TV/monitor in this setup. It's actually an old 15" IBM, with 4:3 aspect ratio connected to my laptop which IS 16:9.

    This sounds like what I was referring to, your monitor is probably not plug-n-play, so the laptop doesn't know what it is connected to. I accidentally woke from sleep mode a couple of times before my monitor booted and my icons rearranged themselves again, confirming this as the cause. The exact manner of the rearrangement didn't seem to make much sense, so I don't know what the OS is thinking, but it does seem to be triggered by not having PNP info from the monitor.
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  6.    13 Feb 2017 #176

    Sorry Ken, that solution didn't work, nor does it seem to hold water. I DID unplug my 2nd monitor so only my laptop was working and before I rebooted I arranged my icons like I wanted them, and when it rebooted it had changed back to how it was before I rearranged them. I'm resolved to the fact that the CLUELESS Millennials that are running our technical sector, but haven't an OUNCE of people skills, or the concept of "If it works DON'T 'FIX' IT!" There's my rant for the day.
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  7.    13 Feb 2017 #177

    GPLEA I think it's obvious, since there was a second shooter hidden behind the grassy knoll, you have MISS-interpreted things. I hope you are good looking, to compensate.
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  8.    22 Feb 2017 #178

    I have determined the only solution to this problem is to take a snapshot of your desktop. Then when microsoft ****s it up at least you know where everything was.
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  9.    26 Feb 2017 #179

    Where Is The Customer Service?

    When is m'soft going to pay attn to it's customers? Oh! That's right! They leave it up to unpaid experts on forums like this, and other victims of their sorry customer service! I've looked all over the web, just like these other users, for solutions to what should be a simple problem to fix, but just like these other users we're left with no answers. The same way google, facebook, and apple and all the other tech companies that are run by the little snowflake millennials that don't know, and don't care one wit about customer service. And don't lecture me about being disrespectful until these little brats can treat their customers like customers, instead of numbers.

    WOW! Now I've seen everything. Just because I typed everything in all CAPS so everyone would get the msg of how despicable these companies are that NEVER give out a customer service ph. #, or email, and like I said above, they leave it to unpaid enthusiasts to do their dirty work. Now, this forum deliberately, and without my permission, automatically changed my entire post to lower case letters. BTW, to ALL of the moderators here...YOU are NOT the problem, and you are not the ones I hold responsible...INITIALLY! But now, you've injected yourself into their coverup.

    Keep in mind readers, I NEVER threatened anyone. I simply demanded some old-fashioned customer service, and this is what I get.
    Last edited by gplea; 26 Feb 2017 at 18:57. Reason: To alert other readers of deliberate obfuscation
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  10.    26 Feb 2017 #180

    I wanted to address Laurie Whitaker's earlier slam on me for simply showing the only way I had of showing my outrage of being totally helpless to fix this problem. She acts like I'm being SOO unreasonable, but yet, when I do a search of the ENTIRE web re: this problem, the searches seem to all come back here to so many other NORMAL users who have done their level best to figure this problem out on their own, but STILL no solutions. They're just normal users like me, except I'm the only one that seems to have enough "family jewels" to shout back. ANYONE that reads my dozens of posts on this site can see I am quite reasonable, and respectful to those who genuinely care about helping others. Yes, if someone makes a smart@$$ remark without giving any kind of useful info, I WILL call them out on the carpet. Further, I will be the FIRST one to apologize if I've been truly disrespectful. But anyone that's been dealing with the crappy bugs in Win10 (WHEN WIN7 RAN JUST FINE) surely understands my frustration. So, if ANYONE here wants to call me for being disrespectful; FINE! Just fix my problem and I promise you I'll never make another post EVER!
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