Laptop: ​Gigabyte U2442

The issue is pretty much as stated in the title "​Black screen on boot before login screen".

I've booted into safe mode and changed the startup up to diagnostic boot and it gets further. When in diagnostic mode it actually gets to the login screen, but as soon as I type in my password it gets to the part with a swirling loading thing next to the username and crashes.

I've left the crashed screen as is for a couple of hours, as I noticed online that an update left some people at the login screen for 5 - 10 minutes, this doesn't seem to be the same issue.

A few more notable things:

Originally the laptop had windows 8.1 on, but the upgrade kept failing (it kept crashing on configuration). So I got a Windows 10 Enterprise key and did a fresh install.

This is the second time I've done a fresh install of Windows 10, hoping that just got botched during installation. The first time I rebooted without updating and it crashed, this time around I updated before rebooting.

I have gone to services and placed credential manager to automatic and that also never worked.

Due to safe mode booting and logging in, I can only imagine that it's either a driver or service problem.