Hi - I have a problem with inking in Windows 10 when using multiple displays.

I work with an extended display, with my Lenovo Yoga folded back in tablet mode and connected to an additional desktop screen. I like to work with OneNote open on my Yoga for writing/inking documents, while typing on Word on the other screen. I was able to do this in Windows 8.

I installed Windows 10 last week and I can't do this anymore. When I write on my Yoga it moves the cursor on the desktop screen; nothing appears on the Yoga screen. I've looked at multiscreen setting in Windows 10 and don't see any options there for inking.

Any help? Note that when using multiple screens, Windows 10 only operates in desktop mode. Is perhaps the problem that inking is not permitted in desktop mode? Or is it just some sort of miscommunication between Windows and screens.

Thanks for your help - YeatsBaby