Win10 crashed, no Shortcuts. Is there a WinIni file in Win10

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    win10 home 1903
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    "There should be Dell diagnostics on the Dell website.
    Please open Dell support > enter service tag
    Run customized tests overnight.
    Run additional customized tests the next day (interactive)
    Post images into the thread."

    Well, I went to Dell diagnostics, entered service tag, and chose full test. An error message came up, suggesting I start over. Did that again, choosing the Quick test (10 min), which has been "Gathering your tests" for an hour. Now the website again says, "A problem has been detected, please try again." I do try again, but it never goes beyond "gathering tests".

    Since you are a volunteer, then when next you are in Maine, I owe you a lobster dinner and a beer. After 31K posts, I think TenForums owner (MS?) owes you some stock in MS, but you are more likely to get just that lobster dinner. Thanks again, G
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    windows 10 professional version 1607 build 14393.969 64 bit
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    win10 home 1903
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    Just a quick note zbook,

    I have tried all of the above suggestions and they all hang. However the sound that was bothering me is gone this morning. I've had some discussions with my wife - both retired on SSI - and our computer needs are relatively simple now - Office docs and Excel, Picasa, email, and really no complex programs, games, etc. So I've been looking at Dell for something simple. We realize that we have had this machine for 10+ years and may not live much more than that. Thus no need to go for broke on a great machine. Hell, even this machine is far less than our previous one.
    Looks like the reset program is about to reboot. Be well
    So this morning I am resetting keeping files. We will see.
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    windows 10 professional version 1607 build 14393.969 64 bit

    It would be useful to rule in or rule out software and/ or hardware problems on this computer.

    So if a reset save files works it should allow the hardware to be checked using the Dell diagnostics.
    If the computer has no hardware problems then you can install drivers from the Dell website and install new applications.

    Once these are working to your satisfaction you can make free backup images.
    The images are saved to an external HD or to the cloud or both.

    With backup images you typically can recover the image in less than one hour and continue working on the computer after:
    corruption of the operating system
    corruption of the registry
    failure to boot
    unexpected failure of the drive

    Having images saved to the cloud is an additional layer of protection for theft and fire.

    If you decide to replace a HD with a SSD you can restore the image onto the SSD.
    There is no second license that needs to be purchased for the original computer.

    HPI Laptops / Notebooks Refurbished Condition at

    Reset Windows 10
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    win10 home 1903
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    Good Morning zbook, First, thanks for the links to the refurbished computers. Having for years been a refurbisher of electronic equipment, I'm happy to know that these places exist. I know a couple of other older folks with limited means who could use an update in their equipment too, so I will pass on the links. And now back to my computer
    1. Dell diagnostic never worked. The Quick test was supposed to take 10 min. After watching it "collect" information for 24 hours, I just gave up.
    2. Resetting did not work
    3. I did backup more than once, all of my files and then did a custom install using a bootable USB
    4. That worked (Thanks Brink) and I was back in business, and now seeing my blunder(s).
    5. I did not copy something for some of my software, and a few programs (Quicken, Roboform, etc.) were upgraded years ago via downloads that I purchased. Now none work, and I don't have paperwork. (Weren't computers supposed to be paper savers?)
    6. My guess is that the programs are not working because the registry was cleaned. Was there a way to preserve the settings there?
    7. Sadly with Quicken, there are no files left to upgrade the old discs that I have (2000, 2009) and the paid upgrade (to 2014) was done over the internet. Now that Quicken was sold, one is having to deal with a new owner.
    8. In any case, I am slowly installing what I have on discs and downloading programs to re-install.
    9. What has changed is that some programs are now cloud oriented. I like the old versions that work without internet. We are rural, and internet is still problematical. We've been clamoring for high speed internet for years, but the current political party that defers to the telecoms has always ignored the need. They are finally getting an earful about children having to sit all day in cars outside the library or school buildings in order to get on the internet so they can do their homework. (We've tried cable [more downtime and arguing with CS until we got rid of it], and now we have DSL through our phone company. Streaming anything often takes more than double the stated time of a movie, and there are times when we just can't get on to it, period. And now with the Covid-19 and everyone Zooming, students studying online, et al, I feel like I'm back in the military where it was always "Hurry Up And Wait.")
    10. My solution is to get online at 3-4 in the morning and do my email. That works until about 7am

    "If the computer has no hardware problems then you can install drivers from the Dell website and install new applications."
    1. I don't see any problems with the computer working now that Win10 is reinstalled. Even the sound of a speeding motor or HD is gone.
    2. Should I be downloading drivers from Dell?
    3. Should I be checking with some of the tools you asked me to download and run, now that the machine seems to be working again?

    "Once these are working to your satisfaction you can make free backup images."
    1. I don't know what is stored in an image.
    2. Should I make an image after I re-install each program? Or do I wait until all the programs are up and running again and then make one image?

    "The images are saved to an external HD or to the cloud or both."
    • How big are these images? What about storing on a CD?

    Now let me bother you with another request. You mention "malware & ransomware."
    • How often do you run programs like CCleaner, Malware Bytes, etc.
    • What other programs should I have on the computer to keep it healthy? (I use Bitdefender Antivirus, because I got sick and tired of the constant ads from AVG & McAfee, so I cleaned them off.)

    OK, now I owe you a dozen lobsters. Come soon as the price of lobsters has gone down because of the embargo on selling in China. I know, bad for the lobstermen & women, but good for those of us who love eating. As always, thank you much for your patience and incredible knowledge. G-
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    windows 10 professional version 1607 build 14393.969 64 bit

    That's great that you completed the custom install and have a working computer.

    Install drivers from the Dell website for the best tested drivers.
    Follow with Windows updates.
    Any drivers needed that were not displayed then use the component manufacturer websites: Intel, Nvidia, AMD, Killer Networks, Realtek, etc,

    (Use the Dell software to find the applicable drivers for the computer)

    After drivers are installed and when you are sleeping run the Dell custom hardware diagnostics.

    There is a Ten Forums room for backup images:
    Please open a thread there to learn preferences.
    Macrium has free and pay versions depending on the features.
    Others are Acronis, Aoemi, EaseUS, Paragon, etc.
    Macrium is widely used in Ten Forums.

    Multiple images are made by the software.
    Separate images can be saved the are related to time.
    For example an image of a fresh Windows installation with drivers and applications and important files could be saved in another physical location or the cloud. Then it's a method of recovery for fire, theft, unusual weather, etc.
    The images saved to an external hard drive would have the most recent images.

    On all of the computers that I use the antivirus is Microsoft Defender.
    Malwarebytes is also installed.
    Ccleaner is regularly used for windows and applications.
    It is never used on the registry.
    The best software that I regularly use is Everything.
    It will index everything on internal and external drives allowing instantaneous search results.

    Please run these commands:

    1) Open administrative command prompt and type or copy and paste:
    2) sfc /scannow
    3) dism /online /cleanup-image /scanhealth
    4) dism /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth
    5) sfc /scannow
    6) chkdsk /scan
    7) wmic recoveros set autoreboot = false
    8) wmic recoveros set DebugInfoType = 7
    9) wmic recoveros get autoreboot
    10) wmic recoveros get DebugInfoType
    11) bcdedit /enum {badmemory}

    12) When these have completed > right click on the top bar or title bar of the administrative command prompt box > left click on edit then select all > right click on the top bar again > left click on edit then copy > paste into the thread

    13) In the left lower corner search type: system or system control > open system control panel > on the left pane click advanced system settings

    a) > on the advanced tab under startup and recovery > click settings > post an image of the startup and recovery window into the thread

    b) > on the advanced tab under performance > click on settings > on the performance options window > click on the advanced tab > under virtual memory > click on change > post an image of the virtual memory window into the thread

    14) Open Ccleaner > click windows tab or custom clean > scroll down to system and advanced > post an image into the thread

    15) Run HD Tune (free version) (all drives)
    HD Tune website
    Post images into the thread for results on these tabs:
    a) Health
    b) Benchmark
    c) Full error scan

    16) Run Sea Tools for Windows
    long generic test
    Post an image of the test result into the thread
    SeaTools for Windows |

    How to use SeaTools for Windows | Seagate Support US

    17) These steps can be performed while you are sleeping:
    a) HD Tune full error scan
    b) Sea Tools for Windows long generic test

    18) Download and install: Everything

    For backup images consider 1TB - 5 TB external HD
    Robot Check
    Robot Check
    Robot Check

    Check SSD options in case a faster boot is needed:
    Crucial System Scanner

    This is detailed information on Macrium:

    Macrium Software | Your Image is Everything
    Backup and Restore with Macrium Reflect
    Last edited by zbook; 07 Apr 2020 at 09:03.
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    win10 home 1903
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    Well that is quite a list, zbook, and I will have to work on it piecemeal. I am still migrating files, searching for programs, waiting for Quicken to arrive in the mail, and catching up on email, finances, and my wife's HoneyDo list.

    BTW, I never got the Seagate download to work, nor the Dell Diagnostics, but I'll try again.

    I was going to ask if I should close this thread, but I see you want me to post everything, so I'll try your patience, and the forums by leaving this open until I finish the list.

    Hope you are well wherever you are. Things are only getting worse here in Maine. You might want to share this video with your colleagues, friends and family. It is a short video that clearly reveals how Covid-19 droplets are distributed in a room and how they hang around long after everyone has left…and I would suggest watching until the end . YouTube.

    As always, thank you for your excellent and patient help, G
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    windows 10 professional version 1607 build 14393.969 64 bit

    The Dell diagnostics and Sea Tools each test for failed drives.

    The HD Tune tests displays some information that attempts to predict failure.

    The scannow and restorhealth commands can be run routinely to maintain the operating system.

    Commands 7 to 10 modify the default settings so that you have optimal settings to collect data in case there are crashes.

    If you reinstall Ccleaner please post images of system and advanced.

    Most of the tests can be ran while sleeping.

    That was a nice film on micro droplets.
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    win10 home 1903
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    Can't believe it is a week already.
    zbook, Dell diagnostics are not very helpful. This computer started out with Win7 and was upgraded via internet to Win 10 Dell still thinks this is a Win 7 computer and the drivers it wants are for Win 7
    I did the quick test and it came back with "No problems"
    Win10 crashed, no Shortcuts. Is there a WinIni file in Win10-image.pngI've been searching for the SATA driver update for Win 10 but can't find it. I have a Win 7 laptop too and Dells suggestion is to junk the perfectly good machine. As an old repair tech, this throw away, planned obsolescence, really Ts me off.
    I'm now going to run the Full Test for an hour.
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    windows 10 professional version 1607 build 14393.969 64 bit

    There should also be an option for customized test.
    As the boxes are checked it should display the change in duration and whether it is or is not interactive.

    All of the non-interactive tests can be ran overnight.
    The next AM you can choose any interactive test as needed.
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