I really need some serious support, I don't know what to do. So I have been at Windows 10 1803 for a while, don't really know why, it just seemed like a good version to me, but in reality it had quite some problems, even with a clean install. Anyway, I downloaded a Windows 1809 ISO from TechBench by WZT (v4.1.1), decided to update 1803 to 1809 and then update 1809 on my own to the latest compilation with the MS Update catalog.

So after the update the system was quite a lot faster, snappier, SSD and HDD benchmarks increased around 20 MB/s (so I am getting better system I/O) and in general, seems to be ok. But I have some odd issues. First of all, a baseline: I reinstalled the nVidia driver and used DDU to be sure there are no problems, but still the issue persists, this may be a bit technical, so please bear with me: I set my monitor to 75 Hz using NVCP to play R6S, I like to use Borderless full screen on that game because I want a 75 Hz refresh rate; at Fullscreen it goes back to 60 Hz, but that isn't my problem: My problem is that Windows 1809 seems to have the DWM damaged or something.

I always measure frametimes with RivaTuner, on Widows 1803 at R6S (or any other game) the frametimes were perfect at [email protected] ms at Borderless, rock solid, never moving, without me needing to use any framerate limiter. On Windows 1809, this isn't the case anymore and the frametimes are just worse on Borderless, fluctuating from 13.1 ms to 13.5 ms, I have no idea why. I have ran sfc /scannow twice and it reports no corrupt Windows files, somehow seems DWM is damaged and I have no idea if updating from 1803 could have messed up something.

My final resource is to clean install Windows 1809, but that's a LONG process, I would have to set every single thing up again, then updating it, checking stuff, re-configuring and reinstalling every single program, oh god, big chore... And I have no idea if it would solve my problem, I wanna keep 1809, the system is better with this version, but the DWM seems to be "damaged" and I have no idea how to fix this, I have tried different stuff to no avail. I can rollback to 1803, but I still want to troubleshoot these issues I am having.

Yes, yes, I know I could play on Fullscreen or just use RTSS to limit the framerate to get good frametimes; but the thing is that I didn't need to do that before, so it means something is messed up.

Nvidia driver is 441.87 right now.

Please help!