Hi this is my first Post.

For many years I've been running Windows XP and about 10 years ago bought a couple of copies of Windows 7 which up until very recently I have never used because of all sorts of stories about incompatibility with some Software.

With the recent release of Windows 10 (Free to existing users of Windows 7) I thought I would like to try it out, where in order to do so, I had to install Windows 7 and then burn an ISO of Windows 10 to Upgrade it.

The whole process was very slick and also trouble free, where I didn't encounter any problems at all.

Which also gave me my first chance to try Windows 7 before I got around to doing the Upgrade.

So by default this gave me the chance to look and try out both Systems.

My Business is building and maintaining Web Sites, which are on another Computer using XP and although I've always loved XP

and would need a 'Crowbar' to get me away from it.

I am only just starting to realise, that maybe I should consider moving on.

Windows 7 does seem pretty stable and very 'Gimmick Free'

While Windows 10 has 'All the Bells and Whistles'

Where Virtually None are needed for the kind of Business I run.

So bearing in mind I want to use the System for running my business, would I be better off with Windows 7 or Windows 10.

The one thing that I would not need are all the Apps and Gizmos, to get in the way of what I'm doing.

So just to recap, I've used one of those Copies of Windows 7 to upgrade to Windows 10 which is really good fun to use and very entertaining.

But my other Copy of Windows 7 still remains unused.

Should I run it as Windows 7 or also Upgrade it to Windows 10 to run my business on my other Computer.

Opinion will be divided I'm sure but I would love to know what you think, especially from anyone else who uses one or other for their business.