Screen goes black

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    Windows 10

    Screen goes black

    I am using Windows 10, my setup is running the most recent windows update, and I keep my system safe with up to date Norton360. But I am pretty computer illiterate. So I ask with the utter most sincerity to simplify as much as you can.

    I've been having a reoccurring problem with my laptop in which my screen will go black, which lasts anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes.

    A brief description of the problem is that the screen will first seem to freeze over, and then become blurry (best way I can describe it). It will then go black for a short time. Then goes back to normal (though it is a tiny bit slower for a short time afterwards).

    It usually happens only once, and occurs usually if I have been using my laptop for more than 8-10 hours (the longer I use it the greater the chance it will happen. Actions like highlighting several files and dragging them to a folder is one example of what may cause it to act up.

    So if anyone could help me, I would be very, very grateful.
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    Windows 10 Pro x64 Version 2004

    Hi MrPie100. Welcome to the TenForums @MrPie100

    As it happens with long use it sounds kind of like heat, either directly attributed to video chip or some other device on MB.

    How old is laptop?

    When did this start, you said reoccurring. What changes can you attribute to that time, like did you get V1909.

    Your specs says this is a laptop. Are you using on hard surface, to allow good airflow? Do you hear fans getting louder around this happening? Actually I guess the question should be do you hear the fans.

    If you look in ventilation holes on sides / bottom with a bright flash light can you see dust?

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    Check Reliability History for entries after each event.
    In the search box,type in---dxdiag---then on the display page,see if any problems are given and also note the Driver version[to the right].Use it to download it,or a later version,from the maker's site only.
    Then use Display Driver Uninstaller ,in safe mode,to remove the existing driver and install the downloaded one.
    Screen freezing is often caused by the display Adapter,which might show in Device Manager as a yellow flag.
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    Windows 10 Pro x64 Version 2004
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    Windows 10
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    Thank you for the tip Joeandmarg0, I will definitly look into this, also thank you for the link, Caledon Ken.

    Also to answer your previous questions. I have owned the laptop for about ten years, but I only use it about once or twice a week. I would say that it has been happening about 3/4 of a year (it rarely did it at the start).

    The only factor that I can recall is that it did begin after a big windows 10 update. Not the initial one, but one of the large updates that took an hour or so to get through.

    I do hear the fan at times (sometimes when it happens). While I do have it on a flat surface I keep it elevated so it can get air. I am a bit ashamed to say it, but I haven't actually cleaned the dust around the air intake, so yes I do see some dust. On a related note do you happen to know a reliable tutorial on how to properly clean a laptop?

    If you have any more questions or suggestions I am all ears.
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    Windows 10 Pro x64 Version 2004

    Laptops are tricky as most need to be disassembled to clean properly. When I said dust I really didn't mean just a little dust, I meant dust. This is what I found the other day on a desktop....

    Screen goes black-image.png

    Never blow compressed air in, try to vacuum out.

    Older laptops are a blessing as they are easier to somewhat disassemble. Not recommending but you can find some how to on youtube.

    I thought heat as you said after 8-10 hours. It could also be a failing component within system.

    Are you seeing any errors in Reliability history ? Click start, type Reliability History, should pop to top of list.

    Does SFC /scannow report clean.

    Right click start, click Command Prompt(admin) or Powrshell(admin) and type command.

    Are all devices reporting clean in device manager? (No yellow trianlges or unidentified / stopped devices)
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    Windows 10 Pro 64-bit

    You could also try to connect your laptop to a separate PC display monitor or TV and see if the same problem occurs. That way you can rule out display problem.

    I used to have this problem with a 10 year old HD monitor which had a problem with the HDMI port being so loose, it was causing random display going black. I found out it was a connection issue and then decided to buy a DVI cable and connected the monitor with DVI and the problem went away.

    On the 4K monitor that I currently use, Samsung U28E590D the Display Port cable was also causing me problems with specific resolutions which after buying a new cable that was fixed.

    If this is a hardware problem then of-course reinstalling Windows 10 will not solve the problem. If it is software then you have to investigate. But from what you're describing it sounds like one of 3 possible scenarios. Faulty display, overheating issue or the internal connection between the laptop screen and its system.

    Actually, I forgot one other thing, check your RAMS! You could try to test by removing one of your RAM sticks from the laptop. If it is only 1 RAM slot stick. You can carefully remove it and try cleaning the golden area of the RAM with a rubber and then gently put it back. I heard that dirty RAM can sometimes cause display issues.
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    Wow that is a lot of dust. Thank you for the warning of not using compressed air! Thanks everyone for the helpful tips on how to check for my problem.

    I mainly wanted to reply that I won't have time to check it today, but I will investigate, and post my results tomorrow (Match 23rd). I didn't want you to think that I was ignoring your suggestions and wasting your time. I really appriciate the help, and keeping it simple for me.

    - - - Updated - - -

    So just a heads up on my findings. First off I ran dxdiag, and it said there were no issues found with my drivers, so that is good news. I also do not see any yellow or stopped devices.

    However, in my reliability history I did find a few issues. IDT PC audio was present as well as GameBar.exe (it comes up every so often, but never gives me a problem). What has me concerned is Windows Explore also came (as stopped working).

    That is all the info I have at the minute. If you need to know more information please don't hesitate to ask me.
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    Windows 10 Pro x64 Version 2004

    Have you run sfc /scannow

    If not could you please.
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    I looked up scf (as I said I am not computer literate), and while it doesn't seem terribly technical, it does seem to take some time. How long should it take?
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