Hi , I'm very happy with the new Windows , really like it ! My PC is super fast now , my 7 was way more sleepy !
My only problem has been the same for weeks , no new Builds ever corrected this , every time I want to create a User Session linked to a MS Account I get the infamous 'critical error in infrastructur host ...' which impact the Start Menu and Cortana and totally block the Session
I tried to create new MS Accounts with new emails but nothing ever worked
I obviously can work with my Administrator Session which is not linked to a MS Account , but the everlasting error prevents me to use Cortana ( I was looking forward to play with it ) and to do a lot of other stuff
If anybody has found out something to get rid of this highly annoying Error one and for once , thank you so much for letting me know !
I must add that I tried everything that I've been able to find around the Internet and nothing worked ...... I'm starting to get moody here !
Have a good day everyone