Since the upgrade to Windows 10 everything has worked out smoothly for me. Well almost everything.
A small issue still remains. Ever since the big jump(from Windows 7, I couldn't put with Windows 8) my internal clock has had trouble keeping up with the time and this issue did not exist back in the old windows so I have reason to believe that the upgrade broke something. My computer's clock freezes the exact second I shut it down and shows the last recorded time upon startup.
My first instinct was that it must be the CMOS battery but that seems unlikely considering that I had replaced it just a few month earlier. I thought of booting up into the BIOS to check if the clock was moving but that is rather impossible considering I have broken my monitor and now have to struggle with Remote Desktop to use my computer. Any help/ideas would be appreciated.

Some other details-
Method of install- upgrade through download tool
Time zone- GMT+5:30(No DST)