Since a couple of days, the medium size icons are displayed as small icons on my desktop and file explorers.
The size switches at random times. After a reboot the icons stay fine (medium size) for a while, but then change to small size.

This always happens for URL shortcuts, but also sometimes for other file types at random.
In the file explorer, when I change the view option, the "Medium Icons" option shows the exact same icons as the "Small icons" when hovering over the options.

I cleared the icon cache, but this hasn't solved the issue.

Don't know what is triggering this behavior. Best guess is that it happens when I save a file to the desktop.
When I save a PDF for example, it seems that the URL shortcut icons and PDF file icons switch from medium size to small.

Sometimes, after a while this spontaneous changes back to the correct size. But most of the time a reboot is needed.

Any ideas? This is pretty annoying.

Windows version: Windows 10 Home version 1909