I've used Win10 for over a week now. And overall, I like it with the exception that Microsoft Money Sunset Edition is no longer compatible with this OS (at least for now). I've used that program for years and very disappointed about it..but can learn to live without it. Other than that, my device manager has been clean and everything feels solid.

However, there have been some very odd issues that have arisen well after I already had Win10 up and running. For example, just two days ago, I temporarily lost all sound in my Bose Companion speakers. There was no logical reason for this to happen as there weren't any lose cords or anything getting shifted around. Oddly, enough this problem went away on its own simply by me unplugging and plugging in the speaker wire again. Go figure! The next weird issue happened today with my Western Digital My Book Essential (external drive). Now I had already used that as well after installing WIn10 (with no problems). But suddenly today, it simply would not make the proper connection to my PC. But once again, the problem simply went away a few hours later when I tried again to connect the external drive.

I realize there can be problems with any new OS until the bugs get worked out. But these are examples of random/weird issues that seem to appear out of nowhere before they disappear again. Looking at Windows Updates, I don't see anything unusual, just the installation of a number of security updates to include Bit Defender.

One final thing I have noticed, my SSD now seems to be a lot more active than it was in Win7. Not that it's really bad, but I do hear more subtle clicking in the background in the SSD.......as if it is constantly trying to index things or perform other actions. Can anyone relate to these types of strange issues, or is it just me? Note: I have changed some of the settings in Win10 to prevent the system from using bit torrents and similar to share the bytes on my PC with other users.