Recovery Screen Appears When Computer Attempts to Sleep

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    Recovery Screen Appears When Computer Attempts to Sleep

    Everything has been working great until very recently. After the Cumulative update my computer has been going into the "Recovery" screen when the computer tries to go to sleep. The problem with this is that my Bluetooth mouse and keyboard does not work at that time.

    After connecting a USB mouse and keyboard, I selected to restore from a previous point (before the update). Though the system went through the motions, it stated that the restore was not successful. However when it booted back up, the system was restored to an earlier spot. System found updates and installed which started the loop again.

    Has anyone else had this problem and know how to stop the machine from going into Recovery mode?

    I have a Dell XPS8700
    i7 processor
    32 gb of memory
    64 bit system
    256gb Solid State Boot drive

    Thanks so much!

    Edit for more information:
    1) I can boot into Windows 10 fine from a cold boot.
    2) When the computer tries to sleep and I get the Recovery screen, I can select the option to reboot the computer and it boots up.
    3) Normally I do not need to enter my password. After I reboot from Recovery screen, I have to enter a password.
    4) Also if I use the keyboard to place the computer into sleep, it does NOT go to the Recovery screen but sleeps like it suppose to.
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    Another Update:

    I was wrong. It is not caused by the computer going to sleep. I turned off the computer going to sleep and the "Recovery Screen" still appeared after 43 minutes of idle time with the computer with no apps running by me.

    I am very confused on what could be causing this.

    Edit for Update:

    I have discovered that if I set my computer to go to sleep within the 40 minutes of idle time, it will sleep without going to the "Recovery Screen". However if I have my screens go to sleep, I have the problem. Workaround is placing the sleep mode for the screens to NEVER and the sleep mode for the computer before 40 minutes. I am still hoping that someone will have the real answer so we can solve this problem.
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    Problem has returned.
    1) I boot up into Windows 10.
    2) When the computer tries to sleep, I get the Recovery screen.
    3) When Recovery Screen appears, I select "Reboot Windows"
    4) Computer boots into Windows 10
    Rinse and Repeat....

    Does anyone have any suggestions?
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    I have the same problem, but it's intermittent. (More accurately: I haven't been able to determine the pattern. Likely affected by screen blanking time or system sleep time, as described by OP.)

    • Dell XPS 8700
    • i7-4790 processor
    • 24 GB RAM
    • 256 GB mSATA solid state boot drive
    • 64-bit: shipped with Windows 8.1 Pro, upgraded to Windows 10

    If you have any suggestions, please share.

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    Windows 10 Pro 64-bit

    I know this is an old post but I have not seen any resolution to this issue. I have the same problem & similar specs as Holydoc. The only way I have been able to stop the computer from going into recovery when idle is to not allow it to go into idle - I have to set both the screen and sleep settings on "Never".

    I would prefer another solution so that I do not have to keep the computer on constantly. Now I have to shut it off at night instead of using that time to backup items or do scheduled maintenance.

    If anyone has solved this please post
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    I have found that I can now place my screens on sleep but not the computer. This helps a bit since the screens no longer keep me awake.
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    Windows 10 Pro 64-bit

    so you set the computer to sleep but not the screens? any idea as to what the reason is?
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