Now my pc has taken to saying it can't find something at boot  

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    win 10 pro x64 os build 20H2

    Now my pc has taken to saying it can't find something at boot

    oh the joys of beeing a windows user LOL so about every other reboot or so it stops with a blue screen with your system needs repaired , and something about it can't find something it needs at boot. same thing i can turn pc off and reboot just find, any ideas on what to look for in what it can't find i have no clue. Nothing has been removed from the system at all. I went in as i remembered i changed the boot order the other day, so i went in and loaded bios defaults. Now the dumb MSI full screen splash screen back i hate that and can't remember how to remove it as its ugly as heck. Any ideas on how to find out what the system is looking for??.

    Additional info all i did was upgrade my video card from a old gtx 760ti to this gtx 970 reference card. and oh and changed the boot order a while back to boot from a cd other then that nothing. the other thread i had was different it just was a repair boot loop now its this very wired i ran pc tools diagnostics and mainboard checks ok, gtx 970 checks a ok all test fine.

    Exact message your pc needs to be repaired a required device isn't connected
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    Windows 11 Pro 64-bit

    Its not easy to repair blue screen of death (BSoD) specially at boot time.

    Does the blue screen display which driver causing the error?

    Please boot your computer with Windows Setup Media and from Windows Recovery Environment use System Restore tool to restore your system.
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    win 10 pro x64 os build 20H2
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    it boots fine from a cold boot just not from a restart of system on every other boot or so, is there a way to repair the boot side of things system restore wont work it got wiped out last time i tried to run a system repair afraid all thats in there is from the last 2 days.i will try and get a snapshot of it with my camera maybe that will help narrow it down before i go and do a destructive repair that may or may not fix it.
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    Windows 11 Pro 64-bit

    Can you upload the memory dump files stored within C:\Windows\MiniDump folder.
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    win 10 pro x64 os build 20H2
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    i went and looked nothing in there ? i do have it set to do dumps but nothing logged in there at all.

    - - - Updated - - -

    what about rebuilding the master boot record ? or does UEFI not use that ? just dang od how it boots fine cold boot and every other boot it does this wired thing, ran hard drive diagnostics hard drive past all in the green. is there a tool i can run to find out what it would be looking for that it sometimes does not find? good news is i think bios reset to factory has helped it some, despit the but ugly MSI splash screen.
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    Windows 11 Pro 64-bit

    If master boot record damaged Windows 10 will not boot at all without repairing it.

    Check C: Partition for Errors

    Check C: partition for file system and bad sector errors.

    1. Start the Command Prompt as a administrator.

    2. Within Command Prompt type Chkdsk C: /r command, press Enter key to schedule error checking C: partition at next time the system reboots.

    Error checking with /r parameter can take long as 30 minutes or more.

    Repair any Corrupted Windows System Files

    1. Start the Command Prompt as a administrator.

    2. Within Command Prompt type Sfc /Scannow command, press Enter key.

    3. Copy the C:\Windows\Logs\CBS\CBS.log file to the Desktop.

    4. Attach the CBS.log file to your next post or upload the CBS.log file to PasteBin and let us have the download link.

    Important Recommended Steps

    • Update all installed applications
    • Uninstall currently installed device drivers and then install latest version of the devices drivers.
    • Install all of the Windows important updates.
    • If you are overclocking (pushing the components beyond their design) you should revert to default at least until the crashing is solved. If you don't know what it is you probably are not overclocking.
    • Use SpeedFan to monitor temperatures in computers, overheating can cause BSOD.
    • Use Memtest86+ disc to check system memory's (RAM's) for errors.
    • Use CrystalDiskInfo to check SMART health report of the hard disk drive (HDD).
    • Use Prime95 to stress test your CPU
    • Use 3DMark to stress test your GPU

    Click the url links for the website to follow instructions on how to do hardware diagnostics:
    - Diagnostics
    - Hardware Diagnostics
    - Hardware Stripdown Troubleshooting
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    win 10 pro x64 os build 20H2
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    did that in other forum nothing i think i found out what it is looks like my TPM chip is disabled that i installed,and why i dont know maybe windows never re installed the driver for it. i'm going to try the driver disk and see if i can get it going , it is installed and working just for some reason windows has it inactive and says its not there very strange.

    - - - Updated - - -

    so got that enabled again i think it just disabled it when i did bios defaults if it does this weird thing again i will get a pic of it to try and decipher what it could be.
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    The following isn't provided as help to fixing this issue. It is SIDEBAR commentary but meant to offer a (hopefully) helpful long term solution.

    Hey There,

    Sorry for your misery. As a person who used Apple only for 29 years and has only been in Windows since Windows 10, you'd think I'd be all about agreeing with this sentiment: oh the joys of beeing a windows user. I am more than surprised when I say, no, I don't get it.

    I run four PCs in my home. A Mini PC, a micro PC, and two laptops. All of them work fine except for the occasional little bumps that I had when I used Macs. For instance: I just did a cumulative update where some of the Windows icon were supposed to update. I watched the Mail app icon update... and then before my eyes... it regressed to the prior one. On two of the four PCs. That's the worst I've had in some time.

    And so I'm wondering what I'm doing that works that others are not doing, because again, I'm VERY surprised at how well things seem to work. I'll share this --

    1. I buy extended warranties on my units and the ditch them on eBay when the warranty is over. Usually the house of cards doesn't really start falling in the first 3 years. It just doesn't.

    2. I try to buy my PCs with the spec that works for me. I've twice had bad luck trying to upgrade PCs with RAM. "It's so easy!!!" I'm told, but in one situation I broke the Micro PC and in the other it simply refused to accept the new stick. So f%$# that I say. I'll buy with the spec I want up front.

    3. I run SFCs, full Defender scans, Malwarebytes, and the like ALL THE TIME. Close to OCD levels. And yet when I do this I catch stuff I didn't know was there. Fix it. Smooth sailing.

    4. I have an app that monitors my RAM usage and frees up RAM automatically. I was told this isn't necessary and those apps don't work... and yet my four PCs run smoothly. (Or smooth enough in the case of the micro PC with 6GBS of RAM and a Celeron.)

    5. I don't game. Or do video editing.
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    win10 home

    Because a cold boot start is normal,then your Bios is not the problem,however reset the boot order back to default.
    Check Reliability History for any entries which might be connected to the reboot issue.
    Run---sfc /scannow--- three times,followed by---dism /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth---to see if any files were corrupted.
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    win 10 pro x64 os build 20H2
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    ok will do this latter today i have to go to work now. when i get home i will do this and report back
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