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    File Explorer

    Not all of the files that I use frequently are saved to the recent files list. For instance, I use both my daily to-do list and my check register several times a week. The check register does appear in the recent files list, but the to-do list does not. I have tried both dragging and cutting/pasting the latter to the Recent Files heading with no success. (Both items are spreadsheets.)
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    Some file types are exclued from the Recent files section of Quick Access. What is the extension of your ToDo List file?
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    File Explorer

    Keith...thanks for your reply. The extension was .od. Noticing that extensions on my other spreadsheets are .ods, I renamed it. It didn't help. When I looked at hidden files I found a locked version which I can't open. (.~.schedule.ods#). I deleted it but it keeps reappearing.

    Oddly the file is very large (305 KB)...much larger than the actual volume would appear and larger than my other spreadsheets. Even my check register (which goes all the way back to Jesus) is only 79 KB.

    Thinking that size might be the problem, I made a copy of the file to experiment with and reduced it in every way I could think of...scanned and deleted everything from line 100 to the bottom and from Column AH to the end to assure that the rest of it was blank. I hit "select all" and removed any attributes that I thought could have might have affected the size. That got it down to 265 KB, but otherwise...nada.
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    I thnk you're always going to have a locked backup version showing anytime you open a file for editing.

    But if other .ods files show in Recent files, something is weird about this particular file. Things to check:

    • Is it really an .ods file or did it acquire a "SuperHidden" extension (.lnk, .search-ms, etc. )? Check this by lisiing the containg folder in PowerShell/Cmd.
    • If a file has its 'Temporary' attribute set, it won't appear in Recent files ( even if its filetype normally does ). Add the 'Attributes' column to a Details view in Explorer and look for a 'T' next to the problem file:

    File Explorer-screenshot-639-.png

    Those are my first thoughts.
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    I haven't tried PowerShell yet because, by means as yet unknown, the problem is resolved. Sometimes, if you poke around long enough, you luck out. And sometimes you just dig yourself in deeper! I am an 81-year-old computer-challenged woman who remembers when her family first acquired a phone. It was a mouthpiece on an upright stalk with an earpiece that hung on the side. When you lifted the earpiece from its hook, a nice lady said "number, please." Imagine that!

    This morning when I couldn't open a number of my files I wondered if just some simple spring cleaning might be in order and have decided have a go at it before moving on to more sophisticated stuff and making an even bigger mess! I have already found a folder named "documents" in a folder named "documents" - sort of like those Russian nesting dolls. Perhaps it explains why I sometimes pull up different versions of some files and completely misplace others. Thank you for your help. I have kept a copy of your instructions so that I won't have to come back, hat in hand, and ask you to repeat them when my spring cleaning doesn't work.
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    Have you tried making shortcuts to these:

    Recent items: %appdata%\microsoft\windows\recent
    Recent folders: %windir%\explorer.exe shell:::{22877a6d-37a1-461a-91b0-dbda5aaebc99}
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    Cool shortcut! It provides ongoing "quick access" to files that the user may not need every day, but works on sporadically. Thanks!
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