Hp may void my warranty now what  

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    Ben, with all due respect
    Obviously you’re not reading all of this thread.
    Or you’d know that doing another clean install is not an option.
    I appreciate your input though.
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    I have seen this issue or a similar one, with business systems from Dell, they use code in the firmware to add a failsafe to the system . I have not seen it on HP systems

    The default with Dell is to use a code key derived from the Devices ID and serial number (as I understand it, there may be other components). to unlock their failsafe should the normal BIOS password be entered incorrectly several times. The user needs to contact Dell, as they are the only people who have access to the software required to generate the failsafe unlock code. They will need to provide various information including the Serial Number system ID and purchase detail. Dell will then provide the user with a one off unlock code

    The issue you have could be HP's variation used on their Business systems, or even all their systems - it may be similar to the Dell system or may be a simple Bios Code that should be noted in the documentation.

    That would explain the technician's comment
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    Appreciate your help with this.
    I wish HP would acknowledge that.
    At this time HP has “washed their hands” on this as I understand it.
    In my opinion HP plays fast and loose with their warranty’s. The way to handle this warranty claim would be to just file it as a manufacturer defect and replace the computer. Simple as that.
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    Assuming that the issue you have is related to a BIOS password I have checked on line and there may be a cure ....

    I cannot recommend this as I have no experience in it's use

    How to Reset or Remove BIOS Password on HP Laptop

    Read through the details and decide for yourself if the issue matches yours and would possibly help

    I would certainly try following the section on resetting the Bios password - This can give a switch on password prompt if set to all users
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    Ubreakifix may be correct, I am afraid: it seems that you are not the only one with this problem (surprise), see here for a number of similar questions. None of the answers re the BIOS reset are any use, but simply point you here, which states that for business computers, the system board must be replaced. Is yours a business PC? From the details I could see from HP, it comes with W10-Home, so I guess it is a home unit. Let's hope so, because...

    ...for home PCs there is more help here, which includes a reset process. It would be worth looking for a CMOS battery inside somewhere, but I can't find any info on where that might be without a load of other info (serial numbers etc). This page has a UEFI diagnostic to download, but quite how you are supposed to run it when the laptop won't boot, I don't know. That page has a 'what do I do...' link, which seems to involved hitting F2 at reboot (which I'm sure you've done) and performing some test - how that relates to the downloaded file I have no idea!

    I think I can see why HP choose to lock up business laptops so thoroughly - a good reason to avoid them in my view. I guess they have replaced the battery-backed CMOS with some non-volatile memory.

    Sorry I can't be any more help, atb, Martin

    Update: this manuals page says how to use the UEFI tool - apparently when you hit F2, the BIOS will look for the tool on a USB or on the internal drive. Of course, that isn't your exact model, but may help as the principles should be the same.
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    mngerhold said:
    I doubt there is a 'code' to get round a BIOS/UEFI admin password - but there is almost certainly a way to clear the settings stored in the CMOS memory - usually a jumper that has to be moved temporarily, or failing that just removing the battery (usually a CR2032). To know how to locate that, we need to know your laptop model. What is it?
    It's not something I have tried in the past, but I have read that the BIOS password cannot be cleared on most laptops by clearing the CMOS. It's an anti-theft measure. I guess that it's stored in a PROM in a laptop, rather than in the CMOS.

    I can only speculate why HP hasn't cleared the BIOS password for "larryand", if that is indeed the problem. It's doubly odd if it was taken to an authorized service center.
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    The laptops that Dell protected with their extra system security were often supplied to politicians, after several incidents when some were left on the London Tube full of Private" Files
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    Hopefully the device with the issue will have the Bios password in CMOS, the link I posted did suggest that this was an option for HP devices
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    Well first of all HP has an obligation to support Windows on their own PC's. It's an OEM PC and they are required to support Windows. https://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c04758961
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    This computer is Not a business computer.

    Using the website work around where you choose a number..,,
    Those are illegal hacks which are monitored by HP. Using one of those numbers and it not working because HP has killed the number results in I DON’T REALLY KNOW ...but it can’t be good!

    I’m going to follow the link for trying to get a usb fix I wasn’t aware that pressings F2 the computer checks for input from a USB port

    Thank you sir

    As for what HP is obligated to do....
    I don’t think I have the resources to litigate HP at this time.
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