Hp may void my warranty now what

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    Cell phone iOS 13.3
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    Win 10 home 20H2 19042.1110

    @ larryand
    Are you dual booting? Hp may void my warranty now what-larry-ubunto.png
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    Whatís that sir?
    This computer isnít booting at all. Ok....upon power up this machine displays a brownish screen HP is in the middle of the screen with little white dots chasing each other around in a circle. And that is IT. Itíll sit there and do that forever, well Iíve let it sit there doing that once for 6 hours and once for 12 hours.

    Oh and Ubuntu is was not INSTALLED
    It was just downloaded, I was afraid to install it.
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    windows 10 professional version 1607 build 14393.969 64 bit

    When the BIOS is opened with repetitively clicking F2, F10, or F9 what do you see?
    What can be performed using these menus?

    Find a camera or smartphone camera to take pictures and post images into the thread.

    Power on the computer > post images or share links with images

    For share links please use one drive, drop box, or google drive.

    Take Screenshot in Windows 10

    How to Upload and Post Screenshots and Files at Ten Forums
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    I’ll do that but bios doesn’t open. By tapping on the F11 key the screen where the reset, uefi,
    I think shut off computer, and several other options are given. But regardless of what you select it then asks for an Administrator Password to continue.
    The same is true F2 or any other way that can be used.

    I’m operating here with an iPhone that doesn’t work well at all, my real android got dropped and died. All of a sudden I am without a computer And a good phone.
    I don’t know I my expectations were or are coming on her. But everyone else has abandoned me HP, HSN, HP’s service center manager asks much as called me a lyer.
    HP WANTS bear 500.00 for a main board that I know is not faulty but they just double talk, they say that taking the battery out does not dump BIOS any longer. They deny having a code that can be entered to get around the Administrator password requirement... they’re sob’s.
    Never ever again.
    This is a brand new computer. Less than 4 months old
    I don’t even know how to to make an administrator password.
    When I told them these things they said Simone set a administrator password in it or it wouldn’t be asking for one. My answer to that is then it was hacked remotely. Which is bazaar!!! They say then if it was hacked they’re not going to do anything with it.
    That leaves Me with this computer I am still paying for that NOBODY Knows how fix.
    I don’t know, sounds pretty unlikely that I am the first and only to ever have this problem...,
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    windows 10 professional version 1607 build 14393.969 64 bit

    This is a link for F keys by computer manufacturer:
    List of PC brands with their corresponding hot-keys

    The HP notebook used to type this post:
    F2 > HP diagnostics
    F10 > BIOS
    F9 > Boot menu

    When possible please post images.
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    I doubt there is a 'code' to get round a BIOS/UEFI admin password - but there is almost certainly a way to clear the settings stored in the CMOS memory - usually a jumper that has to be moved temporarily, or failing that just removing the battery (usually a CR2032). To know how to locate that, we need to know your laptop model. What is it?
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    If it's a bios password ring hp they can bypass or remove it if it's new only hp could have put it on
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    The label says:
    HP Model 17-ca1003ds
    Btw, the manager of the Ubreakifix which is the place HP sent me to to have it fixed

    ďyouíre going to have to send this to HP to get the password cleared because ONLY THE FACTORY KNOWS THE CODE they wonít even give it to usĒ

    Thatís a quote.

    I donít believe it. I ask him some questions that if they had powered it up and tried to fix it theyíd know the correct answer to.
    He didnít know what to answer back to me!

    I donít think that they even tried. I know for Certain that this computer has not been opened up.
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    larryand said:
    I bought it new from HSN. It was fine for three weeks or so. It started acting weird. I contacted HP Technical Support, a Tech Shared my computer and put an .iso w10 over the existing os. It was ok but some common file associations went there (like .jpg).
    I was told to just clean install W10. I did. 3 hours later it displayed a HP SCREEN and stayed that way for 6 hours before I restarted it using the F11 (F 12 canít remember) it then asked for sn Administrators password. I donít have one of those because I didnít put one in it!
    Thatís it. The HP tech said thatís impossible.
    Do another clean install.

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