Might be the incorrect forum but, here goes.

I am a newbie to WSE2019, for that matter any of the Windows server products. (Have been using W10 for several years, now.) I have built this WSE2019 machine that is properly joined as a domain member server on an active directory domain. (Samba 4 Active Directory servers . . . if that matters.)

Every Friday, mid-morning, it shuts down.

It, this machine, started life as an evaluation server and a few weeks after getting it going I bought the proper license and "activated" it. (Did this problem evolve from the evaluation source?)

It was taken me months to follow and determine a shutdown pattern and a few weeks ago "every Friday" began to make sense. And now I have determined that every Friday is "the" pattern.

The event viewer shows it is a ". . . . Licensing Compliance Service caused a shutdown . . ." And yet, the system info shows "activated".

I am NOT finding much documentation referencing a WSE2019 as a DOMAIN MEMBER SERVER. (Plenty of documentation when WSE2019 is the domain . . . whatever.) This machine is NOT a domain controller or FSMO service provider. It is simply a "member server" serving files to W10PRO workstations.

My WSE2019 is version 10.0.17763 Build 17763.

How do I disable this "shutting down every Friday" activity?