So i have two pc's next to one another. They're both windows 10, same version/build. They're both using nvidia cards which are on the same driver version.

One, night mode works as expected, all is well. The other, it works apart from the darned mouse cursor. After some googling, I found that this problem has been a thing for several years - sigh.

Also found the registry edit that does in fact make it not a thing HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Mouse and setting MouseTrails to -1.

The problem is, this comes with a tradeoff. It causes teamviewer sessions to that pc' to show mouse trails/double mouse cursor. Essentially stops you from disabling the display of the remote cursor during your session.

Took me a minute to track that down lol.

Anyhow, anyone have any other ideas on a way around that issue? Or why its a thing on one pc, and not the other under nearly identical conditions?