Help troubleshooting startup issues  

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    Help troubleshooting startup issues

    I have a self build PC from 2012. My SSD died and since then I have no end of trouble with it after restoring my backup to the new SSD, but that's another long story.

    So my problem is that (it seems to have a mind of it's own) I can boot it up into windows sometimes and then restart and it doesn't get passed the BIOS/mobo splash screen (not actually into the BIOS) and just remains there. One thing that fixes it temporarily is to mess about resetting the CMOS but then have to restore my bios settings - it's not the BIOS/clock battery as I've replaced that and it still happens. This is not a satisfactory solution so I would really like to get to the bottom of it and make it work flawlessly from now on.

    To my knowledge I never used to have problems with the system when changing BIOS settings but I do now. I am not sure that all my components play nicely with one another (mostly the cpu and mobo) but they seemed to before.

    One of my ram sticks has failed and causes freezes so i've removed it and need to get it RMA'd (10 year warranty!) so im now down to 12gb instead of 16gb RAM.

    I've updated windows 10 to latest version as of yesterday (so it should be Version 1909) but when it restarted im back to the splash screen. I don't believe it's windows causing the problems as it doesn't boot far enough in to be windows - unless im mistaken?

    I have my SSD booting windows and as much data/apps as i can on my hard drives.

    The RAM is 1600 mhz but bios detects by default as 1300mhz so i have to do a trick of detecting it again so it comes up correctly.

    One other thing is the cpu fan has never reported it's correct rpm to the mobo so i set the bios to ignore a low rpm alert.

    I haven't got the money to build a new system but if it is hardware incompatibility or partial failure I can replace some parts on a low budget.

    I fear it will be a series of troubleshooting steps to figure it out but any advice and guidance would be seriously appreciated.

    Please see my PC build for component list ->


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    Weird problems like these are what makes IT exiting! Could be the mobo, could be the BIOS, could be anything. But I do think it is HW related, most likely. However, I am not a big BIOS updating supporter, but you might also try that.
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    Hi there, i already have the latest bios. Perhaps i could rewrite the same bios firmware?
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    Could be the new SSD is bad. I just built a computer and the first SSD I got would not be recognized by UEFI at all. Tried it in my tried and proven desktop computer and same result - not recognized at all. Back that one went for a refund, don't remember the brand.

    Got a second SSD - an ADATA. Half the time UEFI would recognize it, and the other half not. Put it in my tried and proven desktop computer and exactly the same results. Only recognized half the time. Back that one went for a refund. Third SSD was a Samsung. That one worked perfectly. So, I've had two brand new SSDs (one was from Ebay, one was from Newegg) that were bad. I believe I got the good Samsung from Amazon.
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    Both of mine are Samsung lol. I'm not sure i have the same problem because even if it didn't recognise the ssd surely the pc would get to a screen where it reports no boot drive or to the bios. It doesn't even get that far
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    Start with basics. Remove and reseat all cables and cards. Especially any cards you move to replace CMOS battery.

    You said you replaced battery, check that it is sitting properly. Might even test battery with volt meter.

    That done reset BIOS to default and do not do anything to make memory 1600 or any other mods.

    Boot with your boot drive connected, no other drives and one stick of memory located in the appropriate slot as per your MOBO recommendation. If that doesn't work try another stick. Then try another SSD.
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