I've run into some serious errors since my upgrade. First, my keyboard wouldn't work. That took quite a bit of time to solve, and of course, all of the higher functions (Macros etc) are now useless. Way to turn a $250 gaming keyboard into an over-sized $19.99 keyboard! I can't print anything at work with windows 10, multiple items on my device list are now not functioning properly, my Microsoft edge and Store icons in the taskbar are invisible.... I can't open outlook if I have internet explorer open too. Logging into one drive changes your PC login without explanation. Honestly, there is very little that seems to be working properly so far.

There are some serious bugs here. I was a professional tester for many years, and I can tell you that these basic issues should have been spotted and reported day one of testing. These are ridiculously blatant issues. if I can find them without looking for them, what sort of testing was done before release?

I hope these issues are fixed before I have to waste a day of work to downgrade to 7 again. If I can't even print...I'm going to lose my job if I stick with windows 10.