How to make Win10 lean & mean on older PC.

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  1. Nus
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    Win 10 Pro 64bit

    So that disk is decent, I'd just do the standard stuff that you already know, disable indexing, create a fixed size pagefile, etc. Then go through Settings, Control Panel & Services disabling everything you deem unnecessary, heh!

    To be fair, I've found Win 10 to be decent on low spec boxes, but anyway...

    Some Specific Windows 10 Stuff:

    Use a Local Account rather than a MS account, doing that will cut out a load of nonsense right there.

    Go into Settings->Privacy and disable everything or, at least, everything you don't need. Background Apps is the major hog here.

    Settings->Update & Security->Windows Update->Advanced Options->Choose how updates are delivered - disable peer-to-peer file sharing.

    Settings->WiFi->Manage WiFi Settings - disable WiFi Sense password sharing.

    Disable System Restore.

    Startup apps are now disabled in Task Manager.

    Uninstall unwanted store apps:

    Open Powershell and type: Get-AppxPackage -AllUsers

    This returns a list of all the installed apps, you use this to find the PackageFullName of the app you want to uninstall.

    To uninstall an app type: Remove-AppxPackage PackageFullName

    Using Remove-AppxPackage PackageFullName uninstalls the app from the user account but leaves the app on disk, ready to be installed for other users...

    If you go to C:\Program Files\WindowsApps you will see each app has a 'companion' folder with 'neutral' in the name.

    If you use the command: remove-AppxProvisionedPackage -package NeutralFolderName -online it removes both folders from disk.

    Disable MS Spy Telemetry:

    Create a new registry DWORD value in: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\DataCollection

    AllowTelemetry = 0

    Then disable two services: Diagnostics Tracking Service & dmwappushsvc.

    Disable Cortana:

    In task manager right-click Cortana and choose 'Open file location' to find out where Cortana's folder is. Rename this folder (add .bak to the name), it will fail and show a 'try again' dialogue, end the Cortana process and quickly press the try again button before it starts up.

    Remove OneDrive:

    From Run or Command Prompt: %SystemRoot%\SysWOW64\OneDriveSetup.exe /uninstall

    I'll post anything else of special note if it occurs to me.
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    Wow, ask & ye shall receive

    That is a lot & good stuff. Going to take a while to digest all of that.

    Cortana - a personal assistant, guess I can probably do without. Siri is a better name tho ;0)
    Guess I won't know what apps are unwanted until I play with a bit. Thought I read somewhere each app was almost like having an additional browser window open, probably not but sounds wasteful.

    Use a Local Account rather than a MS account
    That is exactly the kind of info I was hoping for.

    This Telemetry business sure has a bunch of Win7 users angered. Half the reason I hear for not Upgrading to WinX because of.

    Thank you Nus this will be of help :)
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    Windows 10 (duh)

    First, when installing/doing repairs of Windows 10, you better Use Express Settings when prompted, it will prevent oobe loops. Plus you can now toggle anything you don't want (and there are many) after the setup has finished (I'm automating this part using a simple batch file, will post it after more testing).

    Using a Local Account is mandatory for a "lean & mean" experience. There are many hard-coded internet-enabled things that only activate with a Microsoft account.

    The first thing you need to do after Windows 10 Setup completes and you are staring at the Desktop, is to reboot your PC. ASAP

    Next, harden privacy under Settings - basically not sharing anything, disable updates from more than one place and WiFi Sense.

    There is absolutely no need to uninstall store apps, since you can just disable live tiles in the start menu and don't let apps run in the background under Settings-Privacy. Even if you can disable/uninstall the store, don't do it. You will lose basic functionality like Windows Search or even the good old Calc (bold move by Microsoft).

    OneDrive can be safely disabled from it's right-click menu. No need to force it with dism/regedit stuff.

    As long as you disable Cortana and search on the web, your Start menu and taskbar search will be very fast and much more useful than in previous Windows versions.

    You will also find out that "WinX" is "lean & mean" by default regarding services: no need to force-disable them since unused functionality will result in it's services automatically being closed and resources freed. (unless you get a bug - like my current 57 Game Bar processes - looks like I will say goodbye to the Xbox app!)

    When it comes to security, Windows Defender still sucks, and can hog resources like mad. Best bet is to replace it with something more competent (my choice would be Avira, I just can't get people still supporting the likes of AVG, McAfee or Norton - probably because I wasn't born yesterday and my memory serves me good)

    When it comes to daily file browsing experience, replacing default apps for music, videos and photos will decrease the chances of slowdowns (Aimp, MPC-HC, IrfanView are some of the best in their class).

    When it comes to Windows looks, you will be tempted to use style patchers, logon changers etc. like in previous versions. Just don't. Instead, use an aerolite theme (create it yourself or download it pre-made, tenforums members have shared many).
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    More great info :)

    This will all come in handy when I'm ready.
    Guess WinX is an entirely dif beast. This laptop has nothing of great value (backed up anyway) but I'll spend a while breaking it before tackling the desktop.
    Was just researching why System Restore is turned off by default. There's even a thread here. Guess MS has a lot of faith in WinX.

    Actually when I started researching the WinX Upgrade thought the articles I read stated it might even run faster than say Win7, because WinX is tailored to run on phones & tablets as well - that peaked my interest.

    thanks AveYo
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    Thank you Nus & AveYo

    I just upgraded to WinX on my Dell Latitude D630 & picked thru the advice you both gave, parts & pieces from both of you. This PC is running great!! Faster than Win7 IMO. Startup maybe not but overall use - yes.
    Sure I'll find more ways to streamline down the road.

    Microsoft Edge is new, not sure about that yet.

    Was surprised how well the upgrade went. The only real issues were MBAE & Bluetooth (Toshiba not supported) but Windows installed generic Bluetooth drivers. & installing the Beta version of MBAE fixed that problem.

    Thanks again,
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