I need to buy a late model small desktop, corporate grade preferably to replace an older one which is a SFF HP. I wonít rule out a minitower but would prefer to drop the new into the same physical space as the old, which has been very quiet and essentially flawless. Like the current the new will be setup with 2 drives, in this case SSDs, RAID 1. Windows 10 or 10 Pro

Right now Iím leaning towards another HP, this time an Elitedesk 800 G3. The processor frankly doesnít matter much. I uses a 400 model would do fine. It looks like these sell for $300-400 from quality volume resellers on Ebay, which is how I get most every computing device, and sold quite a few also.

Nothing against Dell Optiplex which Iím very familiar with, I have just had more respect for HPs thoughtful designs since the DC series, which I still run personally around here for server and mule duty.

What say you? What other models should I check?