Permissions on usb drive  

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    Permissions on usb drive

    HI all,
    I'm tired and I've fiddled with installing an executable on a usb flash drive.
    1. I've given permissions to "Everyone" to read/write/execute on this flash drive.
    2. I downloaded the regedit file from Shawn - no go.

    I'm on Windows 10, update 1903. The USB is a SANDISK 128GB. I did check the drivers for updates, it's updated.

    I'm trying to install A LINUX distro, which is 8gb, so I'm pretty sure the USB will get formatted, but I can't even effin' format the USB.
    I'm admin and I'm slowly dying a grueling death.

    Thanks for any help.
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    Is it formatted ntfs as if it's fat32 that doesn't have permission you would need to set permission on NTFS on the root as others may inherit from it. Assume you checked the read only button isn't turned on?
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    FAT32 has a 32GB limit so it's almost surely NTFS.

    Where did the flash drive come from? Has it been used before and if so, for what, on what operating system?

    Open a Elevated Command Prompt.
    Don't clear the Command Prompt window by entering cls at any time.
    Enter diskpart
    list disk
    sel disk # (where # is the number of the 128GB flash drive. Make sure you get this right.)
    clean (this wipes the flash drive leaving it unformatted, unallocated. Anything on it will be lost).
    format fs=ntfs quick (this formats the drive as ntfs)
    exit (exit diskpart)
    exit (exit Command Prompt)

    Edit: If any problems, when you are done, right click on the Command Prompt Title bar, click on Edit then Select All. Click on Edit then Copy.

    Open a post in this thread, click on the code icon (#) then paste the data you copied between the [CODE][/CODE] tags so we can see the results.

    If no problems, try using it.
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    If you are trying to install Linux on the flash drive, then you probably don't want it formatted at all. From Command Prompt (Admin) run:
    list disk
    select disk # <-replace # with the actual number assigned to the flash drive
    clean <- this will erase the selected drive, make sure it is the flash drive!

    Then to install Linux on the flash drive there is usually a program associated with the linux distribution to run to install it such as:
    Universal USB Installer - Easy as 1 2 3 | Pen Drive Linux

    If the installation program can only find the flash drive if there is a drive letter associated with it, then I recommend creating a FAT32, 32GB partition on it and assigning it a drive letter. Yes, there will be a whole lot of empty space left on the 128GB USB flash drive, but after you boot into Linux, that space should be available for Linux to use.
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    Partitions ntfs

    Thanks for the helpful info. I did get it working.

    However, a couple of points.

    I ended up using a DIFFERENT SANDISK, much smaller 32GB, but it works.

    I had to use the command prompt like you suggested and partition the usb stick that way, NTFS. I still am trying to figure out how to default as ADMIN when doing ADMIN tasks. This DOES FORCE me to use the CLI which I need to do (just to learn more).

    One big operator error, I downloaded the .img onto the target USB. 1 hour later I figured out that you need to download the .img to your laptop and install ON the USB.

    Thanks again for the help.
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    Windows 11 Pro X64 22H2 22621.1848

    One big operator error, I downloaded the .img onto the target USB. 1 hour later I figured out that you need to download the .img to your laptop and install ON the USB.
    We've all done that at least once. It's how we learn. Glad you got it worked out now.
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    Slow down here I would never install Linux onto a NFTS formatted drive. As a rule I use ext.4
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