We currently have Microsoft 365 Business licenses for SMB. We don't have any internal AD server & DNS Server.

- For Windows 10 Pro machines, that is Azure-domain-joined, I'm having issues with connecting (1) Remote Desktop (RDP) on 2 Azure joined machines and (2) Wake on Lan (WOL).
I've followed documentation online. Does anyone have a working solution?
When running Wireshark, I can see broadcast messages being sent successfully to the machines. Just to add, 2 non-domain joined computers in the same LAN can RDP each other, and receive WOL from the router/firewall.

- For Scan-to-Email, how can I populate Azure- AD internal email addresses as contacts on Xerox Network printer (auto-populate GAL)

- Any posts describing how to whitelist apps from MS Store to be used in our Business store.