Lately, I've started having issues with a secondary VGA display when I launch Mixed Reality Portal.

What happens is how I see in the menu accessed by pressing Win+P how it says 'Extend' rather than 'PC screen only' after I launched Mixed Reality Portal. Even when I still only have the screen on my main display while the second display is left blank not receiving any signal.

When this happens, I have to go to Nvidia Control Panel->Displays->Set up multiple displays and manually check my second display to make it come alive. And by doing so, matching what the Win+P menu tells me...'Extend'.

No idea why Mixed Reality Portal started messing with my second display like this. Haven't seen this problem in the past using the exact same hardware setup.

Anyone else seen this issue and found a cure for it?

My setup is as follows:

- Windows 1909 Build 18363.628
- 2080 Ti graphics card
- main display (Samsung 48" TV) connected via HDMI
- second display (a small VGA display) connected via a DP->VGA adapter
- Samsung Odyssey+ HMD connected via DP