So im going through my pc's with a comb (you've noticed if you are following this forum lol) and i came across this.

Due to the fact I have 2 entries on this pc, and 1 on my backup pc, I "think" i know what it is, but I want to make sure as I dont recall them being there in the past.

Task manager > startup > task scheduler configuration tool-image.png

are those created every time you make a custom scheduled task? So if i had 15 tasks created that would be there 15 times? Or is something else going on?

currently I have 2, and I have 1 on my backup pc. Just disabled the startup item and sure as shite, the program the task is supposed to launch - did not.

I think this isnt exactly tied to the scheduled task so much as its tied to the fact its launched via a shortcut in the startup folder. Makes more sense, and me less enthused with using that jankiness to get stuff launching as admin at startup :P