I have something very similar to this that has worked for years as a kind of pictorial menu for websites. But it does so by linking a website URL to the image so that clicking the image opens your browser taking people to the URL
What I need now is a way to make an image become a gateway to a local hyperlink, like a shortcut to a folder on the local system.

I have not had much success adapting it to work with Local Shortcuts
I tried other alternatives such as creating an Icon file from the picture and using it for the shortcut. While this works, it isn't of much use since the icon image is so small no one can tell what it is.

I then decided to try putting the images onto the pages of a Word Document, This looks OK but Word has a block on using embedded hyperlinks. Clicking it brings up a scary warning about hyperlinks in Office being dangerous.
After looking at various ways to disable these warnings I found that most of the 'fixes' are 'hit and miss' and seem to work for some people some of the time. I could never be 100% certain that a User would not see that big red DANGER warning.

If it can be done, I would rather display the png files at a size than be of use and have them set to open to a specific local folder when clicked. Just as the others do for specific websites. But the website "menu" program, while extremely simple, does not seem to be of much use for a local hyperlinks. It was intended to be displayed on a Web-page to start with. The index.php file for the Menu Display page was made to embed the correct URL into each image. If there is a similar way to do the same in a windows folder for local shortcuts i have not been able to find it