When I already have a program thats open yet minimized, its in the toolbar at the very bottom with a blue bar below the program icon. I have a browser and OpenOffice. When I click on the desktop icon for the browser, and its already opened and minimzed, it still opens a new browser window. Not so with OpenOffice, doesnt open the existing window for OpenOffice.

Sometimes I just dont notice it, and yet try to keep clicking the icon on the desktop to open it and nothing happens.

Is there a way to make the program open by clicking on the desktop icon even though the program is already opened but minimized.

Windows 10 with current updates

- - - Updated - - -

I can't edit my original post. But what I wanted to add, was when I click on the icon on the desktop (with the program minimized), the arrow cursor will change to the circle likes its doing something, but doesnt do anything. It does it for a good second.

Probably not something most people are interested in, but I tell you I get caught trying to open via desktop and I just keep clicking it and clicking it, not realizing its already opened in the tray at the bottom. Tried it with a second OpenOffice file open, does the same thing.

Definitely an oddity for W10!