Hello Everyone - this is my first post and was not sure which forum to use.

My issue is that starting 2-3 days ago, I'm hearing a "disconnect device" sound several times throughout the day.
I've Googled it and it shows up as an issue - from what I can tell, the alerts correspond to Event IDs 4624 and 4798 under the security tab in Event Viewer. There are also times when IDs 4799, 4904, and 4905 appear as well.

I saw some people have used the app USBLogView (USBDview), but I haven't tried that yet.
This only started happening after I installed "Carbonite" - a subscription that I transferred from my old PC with Win7 to my brand new PC with Win10 (which I purchased and set up 1/2/20) - coincidence?
I know I can go into the sound control panel and change the "device disconnect" sound to "none" - but I'd prefer to know what is causing this new issue.
Is it a cause for concern, or just another "one of those things".

I enjoy working on my computer and like to do routine troubleshooting, so any help/advice would be much appreciated.
I've attached 2 text files with the details of those Event IDs.
Thank you.
Version 1903 (x64)Event ID 4624.txtEvent ID 4672.txt