Yeah so, at some point yesterday all of a sudden a lot of my keys are performing extra functions taken from other keys on the keyboard. I wasn't messing around with anything keyboard related at the time... I have already tried checking if my keyboard region is correct, and it is. My keyboard driver is up to date.

I'm running Windows 10, Version 1903 (Os Build 18362.592). At the moment I am using Microsoft Edge and this program's hotkeys give me extra trouble. I'm telling you this because it's hard to tell exactly what key functions are being triggered.

d = F7. Usually prevents me from typing the letter at all. The F7 key functions normally. If I am not using a program that uses F7 as a hotkey, it works normally.

r = brings the cursor up to the top of the text box 70% of the time, may also scroll my webpage to a random point. This may prevent me from typing the letter at all. I can't capitalize it anymore. It works normally on certain programs but I don't know what key it is mimicking. for a few hours, this function was replaced with printing "3" before changing back overnight. I don't recall doing anything to make this happen. strangely, it didn't have the same effect as pressing 3 when used in programs with hotkeys mapped to 3.

left shift = hyphen. still allows me to capitalize most letters, but I have leftover hyphens to delete. It does not act on itself to create underscores. I can't capitalize f or g.

right shift = A space. Will not allow me to capitalize letters. space bar still makes spaces.

space bar = It will scroll me down a webpage only once before scrolling me HIGHER instead of lower. It functions fine if I am in a text box.

Bizarrely, I am now able to click on text on a webpage and a cursor will appear as if it is a document. This doesn't make the text editable but I can navigate it with the arrow keys. This makes me think that maybe I've activated some sort of mode. It doesn't seem tied to a key but it showed up at the same time.

for some reason "The", "They", and "Their" are often automatically capitalized, and this covers many programs so it's not just autocorrect.

My keyboard hasn't been working well lately, but that started long before this did and it's just in terms of what I believe are the contacts gradually wearing out. (Ya know, gotta press the key harder and harder to get it to work until it doesn't anymore and no debris present when I take the key caps off?) None of the defective keys have really been restored to function by this weirdness. It seems as though the d key might be working with less effort than it was but I just cannot be sure.

I have been using AutoHotkey to create new hotkeys for missing letters, but just simple scripts to make ctrl+T make s and such; I have no scripts that affect the messed up hotkeys I've listed here. Disabling AutoHotkey and/or resetting the computer does not help. I am on a laptop so I can't disconnect the keyboard or anything and I don't have a UsB keyboard to plug in and test out.