Windows 10 keep hanging and using high disk usage, partition order?

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    Windows 10 keep hanging and using high disk usage, partition order?

    So I've tried multiple different installations of windows 10 on my hp envy 17 (no slug of a machine, i5-12gb ram etc) Stretching back to the previews. I'm also running windows 7 on the laptop in a dual boot situation. The disk has a built in HP recovery partition from the original windows 8 that came with it. I had split the HDD and started dual booting windows 7 as my main OS, but left the other Win 8 OS alone. When I went to install windows 10 to a new partition from the start, the system became almost unusable. Hanging every few seconds, sometimes taking 1-2 minutes just to write a short series of words as each key press would take ages to register or the mouse wouldn't move. All the troubleshooting showed no particular reason. The only odd standout would be that the disc usage would keep spiking to 99-100% every time, and almost each one of those times it happened as I watched in the task manager/performance manager, i'd be seeing an item at the top usage showing fraction of the normal top write/read speed, something like 1.5mb/s....even with that low a transfer rate, it just kept reporting the disc was at 100% usage while it proceeded to freeze for the next 10 seconds-1 min+. So I tried re-installing using different methods, different builds, tweaking the paging file and fastboot settings as recommended. Eventually, I figured maybe I'd have more luck booting up the existing windows 8 partition and doing the "get windows 10" upgrade root over the dvd/usb upgrades and clean installs route I had tried. No luck. Marginally better. I've already tried getting proper drivers/upgrades. I've tweaked settings and tested the disc in multiple ways. No errors or issues. If I restarted an install, I never just reinstalled over top, it was wiped to rule out cross contamination. One thing I haven't covered yet is this. During the installs, I originally had issues with being told I couldn't install to "this gpt partition" That would be fixed by using rufus to make the bootable usb with the file structure. When I try these installs/win 10 logins, it's been either as regular uefi boot mode OR legacy mode (windows 7 support) So i've ruled out the boot mode as a source...I think. A few times I received a message about the partitions not being in the optimal/preffered order by the windows 10 installer. After having read about the issue at the directed ms link, it sounds like it could be an issue. I include the following screen shot of the partition manager, as I don't want to mess with the wrong partitions. Windows 10 is C drive in this case. The partitions before are either recovery or boot partitions. For what system/os, I'm not sure. I need someone to give me their two cents.Windows 10 keep hanging and using high disk usage, partition order?-hpenvy17partitionsnip.png
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    Please use your Enter key to break up your post into manageable chunks.

    It is horrendous to read, and make sense of it, like this.
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    Interesting title made me open this topic but if you can't be bothered to use paragraphs, I can't be bothered to wade through it.
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    Same where is the full stops it is one long sentence I gave up half way through
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  5. You
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    You haven't defragged the drives, have you? It shouldn't be a problem for a clean install, but check for fragmented disks anyway.
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    Its called copy paste reformatting by a "helpful" tablet. Will edit
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    It's really ironic that people who can scan and read ridiculously long logs filled with gibberish and useless info have trouble making sense of something for lack of paragraphs
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    Same Problem

    I have exactly the same problem, disk goes up to 100% active (this an SSD) yet only minor read/write activity has existed. At this I get windows not responding no matter what I do. Occasionally screen turns black with only the mouse pointer active. I have posted this to previous threads but to no avail. I am anxiously looking forward to service pack 1
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    and no one answers
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    Windows 10

    I have just installed SR-1 or whatever it is called........Still have the same problem
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