Windows 10 keeps freezing after upgrade.

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    Windows 10 Pro 64bit

    OK, I seem to have fixed my issue - and it's yet another different solution.

    For me the problem was caused by the postgreSQL service causing issues which I picked up in Event Viewer. Since uninstalling version 8.3 and installing 9.4, I've gone 36 hours without a single freeze (previously freezing about every 45 mins).
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    Windows 10

    I suffered from this problem for a little while and recently i just got more and more annoying. Seriously every 15-30 minutes I had to hard reset myself. I called windows support and the guy just took control of my computer and ran some commands in the console to repair corrupted files. Didn't solve the problem but may have helped because he did find a few. However, it seems as though drivers were my problem. He couldn't do this for me; it's not under microsoft's area of responsibility.

    My suggestion go to your manufacturer's website and download any driver updates. It looks like you have a computer very similar to my own so here is the site below. There are 3 of them. An audio drivers, ethernet, and a pci/usb 3.0 (or something) of an update. I hope this helps. It did for me (as it seems so far anyway). Played a couple hours of warcraft with no problems and it froze up all the time while I playing earlier.

    Innocent said:
    It's been a while since I've upgraded to Windows 10 but the problem still exists. To leave this short, when I'm doing something like watching a movie, installing files, browsing the web, playing a game, etc. My computer just becomes completely unresponsive. I can't move my mouse, I can't use ctrl+alt+delete to get to Task Manager, when I check to see if my keyboard is still working, I try to turn caps lock off and on and that doesn't work. So whatever this issue is, it's just completely crashing my computer. This freezing causes me to hard restart my computer every single time.

    I don't want to get back to Windows 7 so I've been dealing with it by keeping my PC close to me that way I can restart it when needed, but it's annoying when you're trying to do something and all of a sudden your computer just freezes.

    I've Googled this and whatnot and tried checking for solutions but nothing I've tried has fixed this.
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    Windows 10 Pro

    After reading all threads here I had to decide what resembled my situation the most and which traits we had in common. I used Acronis to clone the existing installation to SSD and after that upgraded to Windows 10 Pro. It froze after 2 minutes, I hadn't even completed setting up my account!

    The most significant problem was that I couldn't even reboot at the loginscreen. After removing Acronis the problem was gone. Problem has been gone ever since.

    Thanks for all the help.
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    Windows 10

    Solved mine!

    I had this problem since upgrading to Windows 10 several weeks ago. Regular freezes and having to hard reset. Could be anything from 30 mins to 2 hours between freezes.

    I read somewhere that it could be old AMD Graphic Cards not being compatible so I changed mine to a Gigabyte one, but it didn't work. It seemed to freeze mostly when on Firefox, so disabled flash, didn't work.

    Yesterday I uploaded revised drivers for my USB mouse and Keyboard (Microsoft 600) and at the same time disconnected by USB mic I used to use for VOIP calls and the freezing has stopped.

    My PC has now been on for 6 hours without an incident, so one of the last changes worked.

    FYI my mic was a 'Trust' unit. Not sure of the model, but USB.
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    Windows 10

    Disable the C1 and C6 states under the CPU settings in the BIOS if you've not all ready done this. Your machine will run as smooth as a smooth thing covered in smoothness. Hope this helps.
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    Win 10

    ortogonale said:
    For me it was a virtual memory size problem.
    System has (oddly) automatically set VM size at 512MB, I've enlarged it to 4-8G (min-max) and... no more freezes!
    Hope it helps.
    I believe this worked for me, but I can't be sure. At the same time I also re-downloaded mobo drivers directly from MSI website. I believe changing the VM did fix it and I cannot thank you enough! This issue was driving me crazy. I actually upgraded 90 percent of my PC thinking I had failing parts.

    Edit: Nevermind. Didn't do anything. I'm continuing to attempt to resolve this issue.
    If any of you are using the program Flux, I just exited out and I'm testing to see if that is the culprit. I'll keep you guys updated as I try to solve this.

    My solution: Changing Sleep in Power Settings to "Never" seemed to fix my computer. As dumb as it was...
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    W10 Pro + W10 Preview

    User Mode Driver problems were what caused my computer freezes, solved by doing the following.
    Open Control Panel, System and Security, System, then Advanced System Settings.
    Click on Advanced Tab and in "Startup and Recovery" click on Settings.
    Under System Failure untick "Automatically Restart", ok and save.
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    Windows 10 Pro

    I went to a clients house to fix this issue. The problem came from Avast and the video card mention threads ago. So, what might work
    1. Boot to Safe Mode with networking:
    2. Uninstall Avast.
    3. Uninstall nVidea drivers.
    4. Restart into normal mode.

    Hope it works. If not, you might have to clean install.
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