Windows 10 keeps freezing after upgrade.

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    Windows 10 1903

    I have this exact same issue and as Sonrisant mentioned, you can still move the mouse but that's about it. It's never BSODed.

    I have a GTX 750 Ti.

    I've tried reverting to older drivers but it will still freeze up. Sometimes within minutes. Sometimes within a couple hours. Even when it's left idle.
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    windows 10

    I have the same issue, im playing any game or just screwing around on internet (but mostly games) and my PC just freezes and im forced to restart it.
    If someone is used to league of legends, where the games lasts 20-50mins, just think about in one game i had to restar my pc 4 times! 4! 4!!!! thanks god my pc boots really fast (no SSD) and logs too, still won.

    My fix: Splitted my HDD and just installed w7 for now while researching for a fix.
    If someone gets to fix this, just post it. I'll make sure to make your word global giving you the credit
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    Windows 7

    I gave up and went back to Windows 7 on my main computer. Windows 10 needs some new drivers for a lot of stuff. For instance the Magician software for the Samsung SSD drives is not possible to install either.
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    As an update to my earlier post, my problems persist even after removing external devices. The only external devices I have are an external monitor through a USB port, an external disk through a USB port, and a mouse and keyboard. I haven't tried disabling the mouse and keyboard but removing the other devices hasn't helped.

    Im now trying the timebroker suggestion and will update.

    For me sometimes after a reboot its immediately unusable and sometimes it takes a few minutes. Seldom goes for a full hour without locking up.

    Starts with start menu being unresponsive but if I have a windows explorer already open I can navigate through it. Then the desktop becomes unresponsive to icon clicks, etc., and finally all apps and windows become unresponsive as if waiting for something in a queue to clear out ahead of it.
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    My freezing problem has only occurred once since disabling timebroker, and that time I had just plugged in a new monitor with an adapter that was probably out of date. So I think the timebroker disablement did the trick at the is level.

    I still have some apps that need to become more stable on win10 but they are isolated now that I've disabled the timebroker.
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    Windows 10

    Innocent said:
    This thread just got buried, I'm still looking for some help.
    On upgrading to Windows10 there was a major issue and a minor issue. The major issue was, as so many posts, the catastrophic freeze. The minor issue was random disconnect soundings. It appears as though both issues have been resolved. Here are the resolves in the order preformed;
    1. replaced mouse - this was the conclusion after monitoring the USB ports with USBLogView.exe for a few days. While still having random hardware disconnect soundings there were no reports from USBLogView that disconnects actually occurred. Since replacing the mouse I've not had any soundings in the last few days where as before there were dozens a day. However there was still one occasion of system freeze. This is what pointed me to the mouse in the beginning because, the system seem to freeze on resumed movement of the mouse shortly after a sounding.
    2. So, now thinking the freezing had something to do with awakening hardware, I adjusted the power settings involving hardware.
    3. I had also read where having another OS somewhere in the system, like on another drive, might cause the freezing so, I took that drive offline (easier than breaking open the box).
    4. While I was doing that, Win10 did an update of KB3081441 and KB3081444.

    So, after almost 2 weeks of trouble shooting the problem, I believe, the issues are resolved, even after rebooting. How, I'm not sure. I'd suggest starting at 4 and working your way back.
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    windows 10

    I have the same or similar problem. Random application freezes up, particullary when my daily backup image starts. After some time I get black screen for both my monitors, but the mouse then become responsive again. From there I can do nothing.

    I dont game but it seems that the system might have to be under some load for this to occur.
    I have disable my graphics card in bios and in windows and used only the internal graphics card of my computer, but the problem keept occuring.
    Im currently testing broker disable.
    I have also upgraded som chipset drivers for my mainboard to see if that works. These were updated 3 of Aug for win 10 64 & 32 bit.
    My Main board is MSI B85M-G43 (MS-7823)
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    Windows 10

    I'm having same issues. I had window 10 for a while and yesterday it crashed while playing world of Warcraft. Screen turns brown or white and sounds freezes. Have to manually reboot. Got worse from there can't touch wow with out a crash. And now it freezes while doing other stuff. No idea what to do. Thxs Microsoft for turning my expensive computer into a paper weight

    Top of that my wife laptop has limited internet connection which means it can't connect to the Internet. Haven't been able to fix that either
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    Windows 10

    I am also having this issue. Updated from 7 to 10 this morning. Everything seemed to go smoothly. Then after looking around the new interface (not even running any programs) my laptop just freezes. Can't even move the mouse. I have tried to update the driver for my video card, but I don't get far before the laptop freezes and I have to power down and start it back up. The last time I had to do this I got a blue screen at startup that says "Your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart..." It says it needs to collect error info, but stays at 0%, so even the error screen is frozen?! It references a Machine_Check_Exception so it appears that Window 10 killed my computer. I was having no issues prior to the upgrade and was even playing high end games on the laptop. I should have known better than to upgrade.
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    windows 10

    Broker did not work and tried lots of different stuff.
    Now it seems that the frequent resets have damage my hard drive and rendered it usles.
    Thanks microsoft! Worst of all is that they dont have a working support.
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