How to hibernate then restart and have my PC restored

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    How to hibernate then restart and have my PC restored

    I'm using Task View and I have a few virtual desktops, each with its own applications. I hibernate whenever I go home but I was wondering if I could hibernate then restart my PC later on and have everything back the way it was?

    Any good suggestions are appreciated.
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    Hibernation is different from sleep in that hibernation will save the state of your computer to disk and then shutdown. At that point you can unplug it completely and when you power back up again it would be in the same place where it was when hibernation was initiated.

    However, I'm a little confused by the question. You want to know if you can "hibernate and then restart my PC later". Every time you hibernate and turn your computer back on, you are restarting it because it is already powered off once hibernated.

    If you could clarify what you are looking for I would appreciate it.

    Apologies for my not understanding
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    Hello...As long as you leave the power on, putting it to sleep rather than hibernate ought to achieve what you are trying to accomplish. I put my PC to sleep every night and when I wake it up in the morning it appears to be in the exact state it was in when it went to sleep. In fact, in the middle of typing this reply I put my PC to sleep, waited a while, woke it up, and resumed typing and when I hit the post button (hopefully) the reply should be posted as if the sleep mode had never been invoked.

    Let's see...
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    Thx for the suggestions and let me try to clear up what I'm trying to do.

    Sleep and Hibernate work as I expect and as you mentioned. What I found out is that if I have multiple Desktops open in Task View then I restart or shut down my PC, upon restart, I've lost all of the virtual desktops and I have to recreate each one again. I mention hibernate in my original post because it saves my workload to disk before shutting down, but I'd like to save my my workload to disk then restart, and not reload my saved workload.

    Is this possible?
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    There is no reloading.
    Hibernate and restart ... everything is as it was before.
    Sleep and restart ... everything is as it was before, so long as you've not lost power.
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    I'm not sure what you are actually doing...If you are restarting or shutting down prior to invoking hibernate or sleep you will indeed lose everything. I think what you need to do is when you finish your work for the day and the PC state is as you want it to be in the morning, simply select the power button and then select the sleep button. The PC will save everything in memory and that memory will be restored in the morning exactly as it was the night before. If you do anything which results in killing power to the pc - manually shutting down, restarting, or the automatic shutdown that occurs with hibernation, you will have lost the PC state you are trying to save.

    Sorry if am misunderstanding...
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    margrave55 is onto what I'm trying to describe...but last time I put the PC to sleep then restarted it, I lost all of the virtual desktops under Task View.
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    Let's make sure we have the terminology correct. When I hear the term "restart" I think of what happens when you click Start > Power > Restart. In other words, you are performing a reboot.

    You will ALWAYS lose your current state when you perform a restart. That is normal and expected behavior.
    Coming out of either sleep or hibernate will preserve the current state. In the case of sleep, this assumes you have not lost power.

    The bottom line is that you CANNOT perform a restart and end up back exactly where you were with all apps open and in the same state that you were before performing the restart.

    If you don't mind my asking, why do you want to do this? Maybe I'm missing what the actual end goal is here.
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    I just verified that task view is in fact retained when returning from a sleep state. I think hsehestedt may have nailed it - are you pushing a mechanical restart button on your PC. Instead, when you are ready to return to your previous night's state push the enter key or whatever and thePC will wake up with the task view intact UNLESS the wake on keyboard setting has been disabled.
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    I bring up the question because once I had several open Desktops and each had several apps open...I had to reboot my PC and when everything was up, I did have the Desktops available but all of the apps in each Desktop were gone, I had to start all over again opening the apps.

    I'm guessing that Microsoft doesn't provide a way to store the Desktop apps then restore after a is there a 3rd party app that could do this?
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