Screwball sleep issue - moving chair wakes PC with no physical contact

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    dalchina said:
    Hi, this command will list devices capable of waking your PC:
    powercfg /DEVICEQUERY wake_from_any

    You could selectively work through them disabling each in turn to try to identify which, if any, is reponsible if there isn't a report that helps.

    ACPI sleep button- it seems very odd that would result in a wake report.
    How do I disable the power, sleep, or wake buttons in Windows?

    You might consider experimenting with trial screening around your PC to see if you can prove that it is an EM effect.

    If it has a metal case, is that earthed?

    What happens if you remove any RF source (switch off router)?

    Are you very near a mobile base station or other source of RF?
    It does have a metal case but I never ran a separate ground...I just jury rigged one - no change.

    I'll have to turn off the router late way I'm going to turn it off now else I'll get besieged by angry people looking to assuage their wireless addiction
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    xwray said:
    I'll have to turn off the router late way I'm going to turn it off now else I'll get besieged by angry people looking to assuage their wireless addiction
    Why not just move to router to see what happens. If the issue is as you say, it should be a simple troubleshooting procedure or moving the router, putting the PC to sleep, and moving the chair. Simple.
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    First off I want to thank everyone for trying to help me resolve this problem. I have in fact half resolved it - kinda like telling your doctor that your arm hurts when you hold it like so and the doctor tells you, then don't hold it like so!

    I also appreciate that nobody called the fellas in the white coats to come after me.

    Turning off the router didn't help the situation so back to trouble shooting again...

    The problem is the chair itself. Turns out that as long as I am sitting in the chair I can move, shake, wiggle any which way and the PC continue to sleep like a baby. If I get up off the chair very slowly so as not to move the chair by hitting it with my butt, the PC sleeps on. But, if I move it at all the PC wakes up.

    I've not been able to determine why that is yet but I'm pretty sure it is an electrostatic issue rather than an electromagnetic one. I say that because when I discovered that my being in the chair neutralized the problem it seemed to me that I might be draining off any charge that might be developing when the chair was moved especially since the relative humidity is lower than normal and is exacerbated by having to run the heater during the night and AC during the day - a "perfect storm".

    I don't have the right test equipment (other than the hygrometer) to analyze electrostatic fields which would probably overwhelm my 82 year old neurons at this point anyhow so I'm just gonna do as the doctor said and not "do that anymore",

    Or maybe drag a chain behind my chair...
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    sygnus21 said:
    Sorry but that's the weirdest thing I've heard --
    I sometimes fear there's a form of geek trolling that goes like this --

    1. Find a support board like this
    2. Make up a ridiculous situation
    3. Laugh like Hell as folks try to help you
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    That's absolutely insane. You are 100% sure that when you get out of the chair and move it that the chair is not hitting a cable or something?
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    hsehestedt said:
    That's absolutely insane. You are 100% sure that when you get out of the chair and move it that the chair is not hitting a cable or something?
    It's more than insane and I've checked and triple checked that there is absolutely no contact with the body or the wheels of the chassis. Checking for something hitting is redunant anyhow...I think I mentioned earlier that as long as I was in the chair I could bang on the table, shake it, and since the PC has only SSDs in it I smacked it several times hard enough to move it a half inch or so each time - never woke up. If it was something loose or subject to vibrating that would surely have exposed it.

    Since the PC works perfectly and nothing is smoking it's more an annoyance than a just irritates the crap out of me to put the PC to sleep, stand up, and hear the fans start up again because I didn't remember to move s l o w. Plus, it really bothers me that I don't really know for certain why this is happening.

    I'm now thinking that I'm not going to have some computer expert come along and say: hey, I know exactly why it's doing that. Instead I need to find someone with a physics background that can get beyond the "that's impossible" aspect.
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    If it is static, you can check that by earthing everything in sight. Consider even what sort of floor you have.

    Now, if it were static, there would have to be a discharge path. If the chair is too far from the desk, that would not exist. So a few experiments- including earthing yourself- should demonstrate that.

    Returning to the EM possibility- screening your PC e.g. with tinfoil over card sheets or whatever you have- should eliminate that.

    (Are you certain someone hasn't played a joke on you and rigged your chair with a sensor and bluetooth...? !)

    - Swap the chair and see what happens.

    If you could post a video that would be entertaining...
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    Your house is clearly haunted for which the only solution is to sell up and find a more suitable property
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    xwray said:
    ...Or maybe drag a chain behind my chair...
    ...or fit an earthing strap, like the ones used on cars. | Gates 90330 Anti Static Rubber Strap
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    1) put the computer to sleep
    2) get up v e r y slowly
    3) instead of moving the chair, creep behind the case and nudge it toward the chair

    If the computer wakes up, it's a bi-directional EM phenomenon. If it doesn't, you've found your problem. Simply keep the computer in the chair, and you sit on the desk. Done!

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